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Zodiac Sign
(and how do you know?)

-The zodiac sign that associated with the chapter 2 is
-Because the character that appear in this chapter are the
calf and the bull which are the symbols of the Taurus. Also, the Zodiac Sign
of this book are in orders, the Zodiac Sign of last chapter is Aries, so the
Zodiac sign of the chapter 2 should be Taurus because Taurus is the second
astrological sign in the present zodiac.
-The Taurus exists alone, just like the Grendel’s feeling
of first time went out see the world and met problems, when he gets caught in
the tree and no one response when he was asking help, he realize that he
alone exists.
-The bull attacks the Grendel when he was in a place that
is easy to be attack, and bull doesn’t change the position and struck the
tree repeatedly, that’s going alone with the Taurus’s characteristics which
are stubborn and persistent because the bull just keeps attacking and does
not stop.
website that I found the stubborn of Taurus)

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Most important characters introduced

The most important characters introduced in this chapter
are Grendel’s mother and the bull.
Grendel’s mother— Grendel’s mother takes of him when he
was little, when he has been attack by the bull, he asked for help to his
mother, but she doesn’t response. Finally, she goes to safe her.
Bull— The bull attacks the Grendel and injury Grendel badly. Then Grendel hides
on the tree but the bull still trying to attack him and struck the tree
“He jerked his head as if the sound were a boulder I’d
thrown at him, but then he merely stood considering, and, after a minute, he
pawed the ground again.” (20)

How Grendel feels about the character & why (include

-Before he is attachment to his mother, but that feelings
get strange, he sometimes feels intensely separate from her.
“‘Mama! Waa! Waa!’ I bellowed to the sky, the forests, the
cliffs, until I was so weak from loss of blood I could barely wave my arms.
‘I’m going to die,’ I wailed. ‘Poor Grendel! Poor old Mama!’ I wept and
sobbed. ‘Poor Grendel will hang here and starve to death,’ I told myself,
‘and no one will ever miss him!”‘ (18)
-When his is thinking back of his childhood, he remembers
the time that he spends with his mother: How his mother loves him and how he
clings to his mother. His mother is always watching him like a troll,
sometimes he is also not sure that his mother is loving him or not.
“I was intensely aware of where I sat, the volume of
darkness I displaced, the shiny smooth span of packed…the shocking
separateness from me in my mama’s eyes. (p17) The word “darkness” and
“separateness” in the sentence give me a good understanding of the mixture
emotion of Grendel when he saw his mother’s eyes.
– “When her strange eyes burned into me, it did not seem
quite sure. I was intensely aware of where I sat, the volume of darkness I
displaced, the shiny-smooth span of packed dirt between us, and the shocking
separateness from me and mama’s eyes.” (17)
Grendel feels a little bit separated with his mother
because of his mother’s eyes.

Time of year (and how do you know?)

Taurus is at May, so it’s the early summer.
“The sun was up now, and even filtered as it was through
the lacy young leaves, it made my head hurt.” (19) It shows that the sun is
very bright, and the leaves have not fall off, so I think it’s early summer.

Important Imagery
(include at least 5 quotations)

– “Again my world would be suddenly transformed, fixed
like a rose with a mail through it, space hurtling coldly out from me I nail
directions. But I didn’t understand.” (18) —metaphor
– “He picked up speed, throwing his weight onto his huge
front shoulders, crooked tail lifted behind him like a flag.” (20) —-simile
– “She came roaring down like thunder, screaming like a
thousand hurricanes, eyes as bright as dragon fire, and before she was within
a mile of us, the creatures had leaped to their horses and galloped away.”
(27) —simile: This the description of his mother when his mother saved him,
it shows how fierce his mother is when she was trying to save her son,
reflect the love of his mother.
– “I ‘d never howled more loudly in my life. Darts like hot
coals went through my legs and arms and I howled more loudly still.” (27)
—–simile: explain how hurt he is
– “It was wedged deep, as if the two oak trees were eating
it.” (18) —–personification

Theme or concept emphasized (e.g., time, heroism, communication…)
include quotations or brief ref. to events or structure

-isolation: First time that he went out to the world above
the ground.
He is purposely isolated and doesn’t understand human
existence. on pg. 22 he says, “Absolutely I alone exist.” This shows
that he is lonely in the world, no one understands him.
“I would scheme with or stalk my imaginary friends,
projecting the self I meant to become into every dark corner of the cave and
the woods above.” (17)
This shows
that Grendel was alone in his cave and felt separated from others, the only
person stay with him are his “imaginary friends”.
-meanness of life: exists and pain
Solipsist philosophy— Grendel believed that his
world exists alone because he has no friends and he has been isolated from
others: “I understood that the world was
nothing; a mechanical chaos of casual, brute enmity on which we stupidly
impose our hopes and fears. I understood that, finally and absolutely, I
alone exist. All the rest, I saw, is merely what pushes me, or what I push
against, blindly—as blindly as all that is not myself pushes back. I create
the whole universe blink by blink…” (22)
“What I see O inspire with usefulness, I think, trying to
suck in breath, and all that I do not see is useless, void.” (29)
-gone of innocence
“I lived those years, as do all young things, in a spell.
Like a puppy ripping, playfully growling preparing for battle with the
wolves.” (pg. 16). 

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