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WordPress is the world’s most popular, easiest to use, Content Management System. It is used by the Rolling Stones, MSNBC, LinkedIn, BBC America, Sony Music, and millions of other websites around the planet to help websites function easier and faster and do things they could not do years ago. So when you see older sites that were created using FrontPage or coding, they cannot do many of the functions more advanced websites can….such as collect user data, gather new leads for businesses, process payments quickly, and so forth.There is a huge amount of confusion by non-developers about WordPress since the company that owns WordPress has a free version, a version we developers use for professional-level website development (and we use at Sudden Impact Web Design: Denver WordPress Web Design), a WordPress lecture site, a WordPress forum that’s connected to a plugin repository (which are like apps that “plugin” to the main engine) and so forth. It provides a level of complexity that can be alot to those new to the concepts and many of the websites themselves don’t go into the differences and leave it to the beginner to figure out (or not). Even though WordPress is the easiest CMS to use and develop websites with, it is another huge misconception among non-developers that they themselves can develop professional-level sites by themselves for free. This  misconception litters the internet with thousands of websites that don’t work, won’t work on mobile devices like cell phones, can’t be found in Google searches (which is SEO or Search Engine Optimization), and don’t do deliver new leads to the businesses themselves – so they have no value.Overall, since WordPress is a free and open-source platform, you can easily learn the core functionalities of the system. You can even hire a WordPress developer if you want to host a more technical website for your business. Once you start developing your website on WordPress, you will understand why people choose this platform over any other CMSs.

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