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Wonder Woman is a 2017 superhero movie based on the DC Comics character of the same name. The film stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine and is directed by Patty Jenkins. In Wonder Woman Diana Prince (Gadot) grows up on a hidden Amazonian island, Themyscira. One day Diana saves fighter pilot Steve Trevor (Pine), when his plane crashes on the island. Diana decides to leave the island to help Steve after he told her about the World War.

Wonder Woman is one of the few female superhero movies, if any, and those come with expectations. The expectations of delivering a strong female superhero movie were unfortunately not all met. The movie begins decently in Diana’s home, the island of the Amazons, where the all-female population is oblivious to the opposite sex and the World War. Diana’s mother explains the mythology behind Diana’s origin and how she was created from clay. There is not much time to let this sink in, because Steve’s plane literally crashes the scene. This scene then unfolds into a bizarre battle between men in uniforms with guns and scarcely clothed women with bows and arrows. Following this battle, Diana is determined to enter his ‘man’s world’ and stop the World War all by herself.

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Diana’s arrival in London is nothing short of awkward. From the way Diana is dressed to her unsuccessful attempts to lead the war meetings – it is a bit messy. The 1918-era London, however, looks amazing. The cinematography is top-notch as it shows lots of detail and realism. The action-packed scenes are perfectly choreographed and the slow motion effects create an almost surreal experience. That surreal experience also makes it unrealistic, even for a superhero movie. The action switches between sped-up and slowed-down to focus on Diana’s flawless and stylish fighting. It feels like Diana is the Amazonian incarnation of Jesus. The music and sound effects are fitting to the scenes, but do not deliver anything ground-breaking except for assisting the sped-up and slowed-down scenes in particular.

Gadot’s portrayal as Diana Prince is sublime. Gadot nails the character and plays the role of genuine super heroine convincingly. She looks and acts the part. Unfortunately, being a demi-goddess who can end wars in the blink of an eye is still not enough to be an actual leading lady. Pine’s Trevor sees fit to still boss Diana around even though she is clearly his superior. This is a big miss in the movie. It once again shows the gender imbalance in blockbuster movies and makes Trevor’s story arc feel forced. It feels like the producers needed ‘to go safe, just in case.’

Wonder Woman is overall a fun, entertaining, superhero movie without a doubt. It is refreshing to see a female superhero movie after the wave of male superhero movies for decades. However, to make this movie into an instant classic, Diana Prince should have been more than just the leading lady in the title.

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