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Without waiting to be told, Hardy swung back to give the other Scorpion some support. We flew over the ridge instead of going around. We landed with a jolt knocking the wind out of me. When I regained my composer the first thing I noticed was a Shubin soldier getting ready to throw a grenade at Fletcher’s Scorpion. I quickly got the SAW machinegun up and cut him down, his body falling forward, the grenade slipping from his fingers and rolling down the slope. The explosion caught three more soldiers dug into the sand below him on the hill.
Hardy spotted a Shubin with a machine gun about to fire at Fletcher’s Scorpion. Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to swing the SAW around in time to save the others, he aimed our vehicle in that direction. The Shubin with the machine gun heard the roar of the motor as Hardy gunned the engine. The Shubin tried to turn and shoot at the new threat. Taylor ran him down, knocking the machine from his hands with the front bumper. The soldier let out a scream before slumping to the ground unconscious. I steeled myself against what he had done. The act, though justified to save Marine lives, namely our own, still went against my nature. I made a promise to myself that if we won this battle, I would personally check on the soldier’s condition.
Another brief flurry of shots from a 50 and Fletcher’s Scorpion reappeared in front of us. I watched as Fletcher busied himself defending the Scorpion from the rifle fire of the soldiers still positioned on the hill. I sent Hardy back toward the third halftrack. Since Fletcher had the attention of the Shubins, I wanted to finish off the armored vehicle before it could do any more damage. As soon as it came into sight it was clear that Fletcher and Taylor had beaten us to it.
Only two Shubin crew members were left and they were struggling to fire shells at the rover. Seeing us coming toward them, they reacted by jumping over the side, abandoning the vehicle. With an overhand throw, I lobbed a grenade into the abandoned vehicle. The resulting explosion was met by a sudden and dramatic drop in small arms fire. The Shubins still fighting were looking around, debating if they wanted to continue the fight. I looked to my left to see a Shubin patrol rover disappear around another ridge. I called to Hardy and pointed, but by the time we reached the ridge the patrol rover had joined several others and was rapidly retreating. I reached down and tapped Hardy on the shoulder and told him to head down to the Marine rover.

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