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William Shakespeare is a writer who has roused numerous
writers of our lifetime. His works have been examined by many individuals and
his plays have been made into motion pictures and even live shows. Shakespeare
is a writer who pushed the farthest point when it came to composing and
demonstrated to us how awesome a play can be. Shakespeare’s plays were for the
most part centered around a certain something, influencing the viewer to feel
the feelings that are going ahead through the plays. Shakespeare has assisted
society by giving us new words with new importance and giving us stories that
demonstrate to us how life may have been for him amid his opportunity.
Shakespeare’s works have been a noteworthy piece of history in which nobility
enjoyed his work and as of not long ago students need to read lots of his plays
and poems.

Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564 in Stratford-on-Aivone. He was
considered to be an English playwright. This would one day move toward becoming
what he is most known for. Along with plays Shakespeare also wrote poems. He
wedded Anne Hathaway who had 3 kids. He began a fruitful career in London as an
author, actor, and a section proprietor of a theater organization. This reveals
to us where Shakespeare began to get enlivened to compose his plays.
Shakespeare additionally acted as an aide schoolmaster in Lancashire.

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with somebody would show him to how to write better and improve thoughts about
his work. Shakespeare turned out to be such a great playwright, to the point
that his family was allowed with the significant privilege of having a Coat of
Arms. Later in Shakespeare’s life he turned into a owner of the popular Globe
Theater in London. Shakespeare moved to London since he wanted to be a great
author and actor. Shakespeare’s life of turning into a performer and writer was
because of buckling down and putting much devotion into his works. He composed
a large number of his most acclaimed plays while studying in London and started
his adventure towards a great career. Shakespeare turned out to be an
exceptional writer only after being in London for four years. Shakespeare was
best known for his infamous tragedies. His primary themes for plays were
tragedy, comedy and history. Amid a period of great plagues, he composed 2
sonnets that he committed to Henry Wriothesley and Earl of Southampton.
Shakespeare later on resigned to Stratford in 1613 where he passed on three
years after. Shakespeare was covered in the chancel of the Holy Trinity Church.
His grave is cursed in that nobody should move his bones. Sadly, he left behind
his wife and two children. Shakespeare’s life was brimming with knowledge and
assurance and in the end it all worked out for him as he is now known as one of
the best playwrights of all time.

has added to present day culture and individuals of modern time in various
ways. Shakespeare has helped readers and writers to comprehend the importance
of literature. His work has contributed to modern culture and the way in which
readers interpret writing. Shakespeare’s works are the quintessence that are
found in modern day writing. His plays have impacted the way numerous writers
make their plays and helped to figure out how to comprehend old-English. He has
contributed many words to the English Language and has in this manner extended
the English vocabulary. Shakespeare has been put among one of the writers who
had made the English language more versatile and worthy of respect. He assisted
by making English a renowned language that the general public used. This way,
it became the most common language spoken in the world. Shakespeare also had a
paramount theater called the Globe Theater. A lot of his plays were performed
there and is still used to this day. Not only did he contribute to theater, but
he contributed to a considerable lot of the motion pictures we have now in
which actors depict his plays. Shakespeare also helped showed with his work
that a style and structure can be implemented in one’s writing. To this day
there are many different ways a writer may write their piece using various
styles and structures. Shakespeare also came up with more than 1700 words by
changing nouns into verbs. Shakespeare gives people an understanding into the
human character like not very many journalists do and he reminds how delightful
the spoken and written word can be. He is additionally a person who can show
the complexity of words by a  single
line. Many of his sonnets have deeper meaning and are done with such little
words. His commitment to the World Literature is very momentous, and maybe
unmatched. Shakespeare’s works add to films and the way certain peaks end in
motion pictures. His plays that have moved toward becoming motion pictures have
given people thoughts of how he portrayed time while despite everything he
lived. The ways he assembles his plays add to the way present day writers
compose their work.

was influenced to begin writing plays and poems while he went to Stratford
University. Like many other writers, Shakespeare was a writer who was inspired
by many others. Queen Elizabeth also had a hand in Shakespeare’s desire to
write because she enjoyed his work very much and sponsored him. Homer was
someone else who significantly affected Shakespeare. The human condition
impacted him and he utilized subjects, for example, envy, love, desire, and
death to be the main theme of his works. Gregory Chaucer was an English poet
who was considered one of the finest poets of his time. Shakespeare used many
of his poems as inspirations for his plays. The source of Mercutio’s ,”Queen Mab”, speech in Romeo and Juliet was inspired by Parliament of Flowers, a poem written
by Chaucer. When examining Shakespeare’s works today, it’s clear that modern
writers are not that different from him, despite the fact that there are
diverse mindsets and values. The whole way across the United States, the plays
are performed in schools, theaters and celebrations. There are more than one
hundred Shakespeare celebrations and numerous lasting theaters that play out
his works.

is a writer whose work will be timeless. His influence and contributions to the
English language will encourage others to see the importance of writing.
Through his many plays and poems Shakespeare still lives to this day. Maybe not
physically but his legacy will be something that will live on forever through inspiring

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