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Why The American Dream Is Unattainable Many people believe in the “American Dream” but it is not attainable for all Americans.  The American Dream is not achievable by everyone in America because of many problems and obstacles. Some of these problems and obstacles that occur are poverty, lack of jobs and debt. These are just three main problems for why the American Dream is unachievable along with many more. One reason that the American Dream is now unattainable is because of poverty in America. One major obstacle in the path to achieving the American Dream for many Americans is poverty. According to an article titled (36 reasons showing the American Dream is dead) “In America over 20% of children live in poverty”. That leaves 20% of children having a small chance of living the American Dream. These kids and people living in poverty need a miracle to go from rags to riches like other people in America’s history such as Andrew Carnegie. Not as many people go from rags to riches and it is not as easy to make lots of money after being raised in a poor family now days. The American Dream might be lived by more people if poverty wasn’t such a big deal in America. Many Americans have trouble finding jobs that pay well which also makes achieving the American Dream hard. Without a good job and not being able to make money it is hard to live the American Dream. During the 1920’s for example it wasn’t hard to find a job and make money in bigger cities compared to know. Since 2007 there have been over 7.25 million less jobs and rising. As America proceeds to have less jobs the American Dream becomes closer and closer to being impossible to achieve. The last main problem for many Americans not being able to live the American Dream  is debt. Many people are too far in debt to worry about making enough money to be successful. According to an article titled (36 reasons showing the American Dream is dead) “Approximately two thirds of students graduate with student debt and college cost around 16,000$ a year on average”. After many college students get out of their debt they are usually ready to start a family and have kids. Kids also cost a lot of money and put people even farther behind. Debt has a big impact on many Americans and is a big obstacle in achieving the American Dream. In conclusion, the American Dream is not achievable by everyone in America because of poverty, lack of jobs an debt. There are too many obstacles in the path of the American Dream therefor the American Dream is unattainable for most Americans. Many American experience poverty debt and have trouble finding jobs. The American Dream is continuously becoming harder to attain and eventually it will be completely gone. The American Dream can be perceived as many things to Americans but most people see it as making money and that will get harder to do in the near future making the American Dream impossible to achieve.

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