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Why choose

Studying the Master program makes me strongly believe
that it is the right program for me. The program will not only help me prepare
for my short-term plans but also equip me with essential tools for implementing
my long-term career goals.

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In the short-term, I plan to work for an accounting firm
as an associate. The program with concentration in accountancy will provide me
with internationally recognized accounting knowledge that helps me prepare for
the CPA exam and get an accounting job upon graduation. I choose XXX course,
which help enhance my professional understanding and capability. Besides, I
will greatly benefit from the program as the internship
can help me gain valuable
hands-on experience and shape up relationship and career opportunities with
potential employers. Moreover, campus recruiting events, seminars and talks
with employers and real-world business professionals with create favorable
conditions for me to build my network.

My long-term career goal
for the three to five years post-master is to establish and run a start-up
company specializing in accounting services. I believe utilizing the program
will help me have valuable entrepreneurial and management skills essential for
implementing my business plan. I have studied thoroughly the program
curriculum, and I trust that through learning the core courses such as XXX I
will gain a comprehensive understanding of pivotal business areas. The program
will not only allow me to improve professional knowledge, but also enhance my
global business perspective as well as provide me with chances to learn with
and learn from diverse backgrounds in H cross-cultural community. I believe
that I will have more opportunities and wider approach as I interact with H
peers. Therefore, I will have a new method of implementing my business plans. I
believe that fellow students at H are precious assets that can change my life
and others’.

For my career goals and
great benefits of the Master program at H, I can believe for sure that
enrolling in the school is my sound decision.

Plan after graduate:

My career plans are to
develop my accounting profession and then to help client companies in improving
their accounting system. I believe that the Master will equip me with essential
tools for implementing my plans.

My short-term career
goal for the next three to five years post-master is to become a senior
associate work for an accounting firm. I also plan to take the CPA exam as soon
as I complete accounting subjects and qualify the requirements. I believe that my
short-term plan will help prepare for my long-term plan, growing up my
profession, sharpening my technical and soft skills, enhancing my ability,
gaining international exposure and experiences and acquiring internationally
recognized accounting knowledge.

My long-term career goal
is to establish and run a start-up company specializing in accounting services
in Vietnam. In the beginning, I plan to concentrate on providing accounting
services to clients. Afterwards, I intend to offer more professional services
including: auditing, tax consulting services.

I believe that my
previous experience combined with valuable knowledge and skills from the
program will help me implement my occupational goals smoothly. … . I trust
that optimizing pivotal skills learned from program will help me operate my
company effectively.

I have chosen this
career as I am eager to contribute to making the economy  more transparent by assisting clients in
their creation of explicit and standardized accounting systems.



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