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Why I chose this topic?Currently humans are the most intelligent species around the globe, but still imagine having a computer that can think better than humans, and work more precisely with respect to time. AI – artificial intelligence can do such tasks with relatively few or no errors. AI is a branch of technology which deals with making computers with human-like behavior. The future of technology seems promising, technology has made the world open for us, nevertheless, all of this freedom may have unintended consequences. The reason I chose this topic is because of the people’s gullibility of not having fear of the threat they hold every day by using technology and not thinking about its impacts all over the world. According to a well-accepted theory by Dr. Gordon E Moore,  “Moore’s law”, the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits doubles its evolvement in terms of size, speed, price and efficiency. An observation made by him in the year 1965 to the end of 1966 suggested that if this rapid speed continues it would be difficult for humans to control such smart machines. Humans gave birth to AI and gave them every possible intelligence they could get, of which humans now seems threatened.BackgroundWhat is AI? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science which deals with making computer systems which are capable of completing tasks which require human intelligence, like problem-solving, learning, planning, visual perception, decision-making, communicating and speech recognition. The rising questions around the world are: if AI will possess such intelligence then is there any kind of danger that AI is going to take over the world? Should we be making AI that behaves like humans? And will intelligence explosion take over our(Humans) control over the world?The human brain has about 86 billion neurons, it’s about four times as much as of chimpanzee, we are more intelligent than them, which is why we are able to live more dominantly and we believe that we are superior amongst all other creatures around the world. This theory proposed by André LeBlanc during a ted session has made us seize away other creature’s living. This means the more knowledgeable the species the more power it possesses over others. If that’s the case then there is greater chance of AI that it would take over humans and will become dominant.

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