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While doing my reading on “Invitation to sociology”, by
Peter Berger, the article main idea was to rethink the social world instead of
having a closed mind on society, but to instead question it. For example, what
effects people have on society? How does social class impact individuals? And why
study society? Berger stated, “Social reality have many layers of meaning.” In
the article he also says that people avoid shocking discoveries, meaning some
people do not feel tempted to look beyond horizons but to go by traditional
beliefs. One example from the article basically say that some people marry
because the couple interact with each other and get used to being around their
companion so they decide to marry. To support this example Berger said, “it is
not so much the emotion of the love that creates the relationship, but planned
relationships that generate emotion.” To my understanding I believe Peter is
trying to say that when an individual meets a person that he or she is
interested in, they automatically expect to genuinely get to know the person
and the person to get to know them. Once in a relationship and doing relationship
things like going to the movies, going on romantic dinners, and etc. allows both
persons to develop feelings for one another and develop a loving relationship
that eventually leads to marriage. This example showed Berger’s sociological
discovery between the marriage of two people that some people may not come to
think of as an alternative viewpoint to why couples marry because of
traditional thinking. With that being said, social imagination allows us to ask
more meaningful questions about the social world we live in and the way society

Paul Farmer’s concept of structural violence helped me
understand structural impediments by providing a story about two individuals
that were both victims of the violence. The victims’ names were, Chouchou and
Acephie’. They both lived in the poor regions of Haiti. In the first story,
Farmer wrote about the young and beautiful Acephie’,
who was infected with AIDS by a solider she was seeing. Acephie’ made her way
to cooking school and became a maid to make a source of income. Years later she
started seeing another man that was a chauffeur and found out that were
expecting a child together. Once her companion found out about the news she had
not heard from him again. Once she gave birth, she was a single mother taking
care of her daughter while dealing with her illness. Acephie’ later died. The
narrative served as a great example of structural violence because she AIDS and
poverty during her lifetime.

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In comparison, the second story was more of a political
structural impediment but still another structural violence example.  Chouchou was a Haitian man that was a leader
of a growing Haitian pro-democracy movement. While sitting on a truck on his
way to Hinche, Chouchou made a remark about the road conditions while a solider
out of uniform was also on the bus. The soldier beaten and arrested him which
afterwards made Chouchou fearful of what may happen if he would be arrested
again. He was trying to avoid going to jail. Eventually, he was arrested again
for no specific reason but almost beaten to death. This time Chouchou was
dumped into a ditch to die. He later was found but died three days later. The
story showed me that people with higher hierarchy or “power” can affect people
in lower hierarchies.

In both narratives, the individuals were both living in
poverty and suffering from those with “power”. The Haitian government and the
soldier Acephie’ had relations with, caused both victims great deals of pain
resulting in tragic and premature deaths. Suffering is not only going on in
Haiti, but worldwide in many countries, even in the United States or “The Land
of The Free”. In my opinion, I feel that everyone has experienced or may have
gone through some type of suffering. Whether it is race, gender, religion, or
politics, some do not have a choice but to deal with life’s hardship in order
to live.

In sociology, social location is defined as a way people
socially interact with one another and the observation of how other people act
as well as social experiences. Social location is important because in order to
have a society we obviously need people but also the existence of social
interactions. Sociologist role is to research and analyze people’s interaction
as well as behavior and influences. 
Everyone perform a role in society. For example, an individual is a U.S
Army sergeant that served in military for over ten years. The role of the
person’s job is to give orders and commands to other soldiers. With that being
said, the way the sergeant mostly interact with others is more of an authority
manner. Another example is a young boy grew up watching both of his
hard-working parent work long hours at their jobs just to provide for the
family. As the boy begins to grow into a mature young man, he also has the
mentality   and role to have a laborious
to provide for his family as well. The examples both illustrate how one’s
biography can shape one’s social position in society. With the army sergeant social
status being a commander and the young man to be a hard worker in society’s


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