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While some people believe that the NFL is an entertaining and enjoyable
sport, football fans don’t seem too see how serious players are being effected
be the sport. People typically think that a player’s biggest injuries are; breaking
a leg, the tearing of the ACL, or injuring their back. According to “The NFL
and Brain Injuries,” the biggest injury of all would have to be a concussion.
We the viewers don’t see it as a big deal because players are usually only sat
out of the game they are playing, but in reality concussions are the most dangerous,
because studies show that they are causing long time effects to the players.
According to “The NFL and Brain Injuries”, a long term effect in head injuries
on NFL players, have been dramatically increasing in the last few decades.
Football players started to donate their brain for further analysis. In the
studies they found a brain disease called CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy)
which is a brain disease which causes players to have behavioral issues,
dementia, and depression. For example, in the article from “The Guardian”, it
shows a case study that was done on 111 players. Out of 111 players, 110 of
them showed signs of CTE. There has been many football players that have
committed crimes, as well as committing suicide. We see all the time of
tragedies like this happening, but not many people know that the leading cause
of their actions was of CTE. Although football is the leading sport with this
disease it can also effect other sport players. At one point CTE had been found
in many boxer players, due to numerous blows to their head. But with recent
studies it has shown that CTE is the most common in football players due to
helmet to helmet contact, as well as hard hits to the head against other players.

The NFL is a multi-billion dollar franchise; nevertheless, they continue
to deny their faults with players CTE diagnosis. Although the NFL is a multi-billion
dollar franchise, their support towards CTE players has been at a standstill. They
have settled in some million dollar cases, with those families who have had the
courage to stand up for their loved ones. The NFL has created certain
protocols, when it comes to players with concussions but I do believe they can
do a lot more for their players. NFL players give football their mind, body and
souls, they deserve to have professionals look out for them. Right now the protocol
for concussions are; if a player shows signs of concussions they remove him
from the game, and do testing on them to make sure they are okay. But studies
show that even with these protocols, players are still developing signs of CTE.
According to “The NFL and Brain Injuries”, in the 2013 season, 228 concussions
were documented. More than half of them were because of head on collisions. A
way that the NFL can help prevent this would be by fining the player whom is
responsible for the concussion. The NFL fines for many reasons and this would
be a great way to start. Instead of the NFL looking the other way for patients
with CTE, they should start a foundation for those families whom have lost a
loved with a CTE diagnosis. The NFL doesn’t want to admit that the leading
cause of CTE are concussions, because of the consequences of lawsuits that they
would have against them every time a player commits a crime or dies. One great
way the NFL can be supportive is by investing money into case studies, better
helmets, and even changing up some of the rules of football. 

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