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While it was started as a social network, Facebook has turned to be an integral part of the business world. Currently, there are more than one billion Facebook users from around the world. This platform has been optimized to implement marketing and sales strategies. In the current digital landscape whereby almost every person has a facebook account , a business without a Facebook page is definitely losing business to their competition. Being on Facebook is crucial to a business’s success. Having a Facebook page makes it possible to find and interact with customers. When used the right way , Facebook marketing can grow your business to greater heights. However, many business owners still do not know how to take advantage of Facebook to explode their sales and create brand awareness. Here are great tips on how to use Facebook marketing to explode your business:#Create an audience One of the most effective Facebook marketing strategy you can use to increase your sales is to target the right audience. It’s a good idea to use targeting both for paid ads and for organic posts. First, you’ll need to create an audience of Facebook followers. Your followers happen to be the most converting audience on Facebook. Once you get the attention of your Facebook fans and they know what you offer, it becomes easier to convince them to buy. #Interact with your audienceFacebook marketing entails much more than just paid advertising. Organic interaction plays an important role in a Facebook campaign. Remember, spending more on ads without effective interaction won’t bear much fruit. Some of the best ways to improve interaction with your targeted audience is: (i) Providing fast and effective customer service. (ii) Engaging with real Facebook users. (iii) Sharing customer testimonials. (iv) Running promotions. (v) Sharing powerful content. (vi) Running contests with relevant prizes.
#Use paid AdsA business can use Paid Facebook Ads to call attention to their latest deals and sale events. You can leverage paid ads and get to generate leads and broaden awareness of your brand. The good thing about paid ads is that they cost a fraction of what other internet marketing platforms cost. #Customize your Facebook AdsFacebook give businesses the opportunity to tailor organic posts with a degree of segmentation. Through custom audiences, you can segment your posts by age, gender, education, and so forth. Therefore, businesses can show their ads to a specific group of people. #Optimize your Business PageAnother important strategy to adopt if want to boost your business is to be sure that you are attracting potential buyers. The only way to do this is to optimize your Facebook Fan Page on other social networks. This will improve your SEO ranking and help you to convince potential buyers that your brand is trustworthy.#Use images when posting on FacebookThe truth is that using powerful images to accompany an average post plays a significant role in the success of a Facebook marketing campaign. Using attractive images within your posts is a good way to increase engagement with your audience. Facebook statistics indicate that images on Facebook generate over 50% more likes compared to average posts. Therefore, whenever you want to make a post, be sure to attach an image to it to make it more compelling and increase click-through significantly. #Do not over post!Too much posting on a Facebook business page is highly discouraged. When you post too much, your followers are more likely to unlike your page or mark your content as spam. It’s advisable to post a reasonable number of times, preferably two to three times a day. So there you have it. Using these strategies, you can effectively use Facebook marketing to explode your business in both the short term, and the long term.

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