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“While the Industrial Revolution had both positive and negative effects on society and the economy, the positive effects outweigh the negative”. During the time of it, there were many factories that were made in England for their first time. And just thinking about new ways of having things made in a much faster and timely manner is what gave the the thought of building factories.Education was very good fo that time yet it had some negative too. Most modern inventions had great positivity on the industrial revolution yet there were also negative wagers.Positive effects The positive effects of creating factories was that it gave off so many things to be made such as, The Flying shuttle, the Spinning Jenny, and the Water Frame, and there’s so many more the revolutionized the world today. And the positive effects of the education system was, children were learning, getting a new experience on everything, a place or kids to go when parents were busy. And it allowed kids to be what they want to be. Now for the positive effects of modern inventions. There were plenty of reasons why to have modern inventions, such as, Helped get the job done easier and saves you a lot of time. Negative effectsCreating factories also had a lot of negative effects on the world. Some of the effects are that many crimes were committed and people had the idea that they can get away with it, the workers had not been taken care of or treated well or being benefitted. And  ALOT of pollution was caused by it. Negative effects of education had been that, it cost alot to support, children did not want to learn at all, and the educators had not given their very best either. Lastly, Modern inventions. These had negative effects because, they cost significantly more than just doing the job another way, people were getting hurt by using them the wrong way, and since they cost more the companies weren’t making what they wanted to. In conclusion, It shows that positive effects of all these outweigh negative. And why is because although back then people didn’t know what to do much in situations, if they had anything good it helped a whole bunch. Factories for example we still use today and are more useful than ever. To Add onto that lets say your digging a hole, you could either dig with your bare hands o a brand new shovel. Which do you choose? Also the inflation in today’s society has calmed down drastically. Lastly, Kids should always grow up and be better than their parents. And how do you do that without knowing more? And how do you do that without education?

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