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When thinking and arguing about cloning, the best thing to do is to think about society as a whole and not just personal feelings. If by cloning we can help the further the world in its research and all the while helping people and families, that’s ideal. Where I draw the line is when people use cloning for their own personal gain and for selfish reasons. With that being said I support all artificial cloning (gene, therapeutic, and reproductive). These cloning types can help make the world a better place and help people who may be dealing with diseases, failing organs, etc. Cloning allows us to move further in science and for people to live happier and healthier, despite some thinking it is detrimental. Why wouldn’t we clone? Why would anyone want to stop the process of researching and testing ways to cure diseases and prevent new ones from sprouting? Although everyone has different opinions on cloning, the truth is that the positives greatly outweigh the negatives and no one should have the right to say whether another person should use cloning methods or not. Also, cloning is so much more than just making a copy of a human, animal, or organism. It’s the answer to current science problems surrounding disease, reproductive struggled, and it could also be the solution to future problems and questions.Let’s focus on diseases for right now. We can all agree that disease is terrible and if we can find a cure, we should definitely move forward with it. So if we have the ability to clone and find cures for all of these diseases, why not? There are so many lives taken by diseases we have yet to come across a cure for and if we have the technology then we should definitely go for it. We’d be saving lives to live another day and families will remain together and happier longer. This is known as therapeutic cloning. By cloning, Dr. Wilmut argues that we can get stem cells (which are derived from human embryos that are six days old) which will be a huge medical benefit. Stem cells can create any cell type in one’s body and can, with time, be used to treat and research diseases. We can clone healthy organs and there will no longer be a long list of people who have been waiting months or years for the slightest good news of finally moving up the list. They’d immediately get a new organ (that will match their exact DNA as well!!) and won’t have to live the doubt of ever receiving anything or the fear of one day collapsing and never getting back up. We’d also clone healthy human cells and eliminate all defective genes before it becomes one of the leading killers in the world. People can forget about defects and diseases, they’d be able to continue living their lives, happily and healthy. Therapeutic cloning will better the quality of life while simultaneously wiping out one of the biggest causes of deaths.Many people think that this is against “god’s wishes” and unnatural. There are so many things that this can be said about and they’re still being done, so we can’t just forget about cloning since this can actually help others and id beneficial to us all. Many people also say that egg retrieval is painful. However, the women are sedated and given pain medication. The procedure is similar to if you were to go into a surgery. Also, the eggs are only retrieved with full consent from the women- and they will be fully compensated. One of the biggest concerns is that it’ll be expensive. Well, many things related to medicine is expensive, like affordable health care- this argument isn’t specifically targeted towards cloning of any kind.World hunger is one of the biggest problems we’re battling right now. There are so many communities and villages who have nothing to put in their mouths and don’t have enough to feed their families. Due to the world mainly being focused on money and what the biggest celebrities are up, to this issue is yet to be resolved. By cloning produce, animals, and crops, we’d be able to make enough food for thousands of families and give enough to nourish those who need it most. Starvation will slowly deteriorate until it is no longer a problem. We then move onto gene cloning. There are many genetic mutations that humans can develop and suffer from and they won’t end unless we get in there and genetically modify them. That won’t happen without cloning. We could also prevent diseases from spreading from parents to their children. Doctors can detect these diseases or illnesses and can cure it with genetic engineering. Once again, ethics plays a major role in whether this is okay or not. This won’t happen without anyone’s consent so it’s not anyone’s right to say it’s not okay if the second party consents. The last type of cloning is reproductive cloning. Infertile couples should have the opportunity to produce clones of better and healthier organs so they can be conceived, children. They shouldn’t be left hopeless. Also, couples who have lost their children should be granted the chance to replace their loved ones with clones. They’d be saved from heartbreak and it’d be like they didn’t lose their child because the clone is exactly the same, with no recollection of what happened or no self-awareness.In 1996, Dolly was cloned from a cell taken from the mammary gland of a six-year-old Finn Dorset sheep and an egg cell taken from a Scottish Blackface sheep. She was born to her Scottish Blackface surrogate mother on 5th July 1996. Her birth proved that specialized cells could be used to create an exact copy of the animal they came from, she helped further research even further. The reason she is so important is that she was cloned using an adult cell, which seemed impossible at the time. Despite being cloned dolly led a normal life, living to give birth to six lambs of her own. Her death, in 2003, was not due to her being cloned, she had developed lung cancer. This shows that clones can lead a very normal life with no complications. Unless we use clones incorrectly for “insurance” like in “the island” then, by all means, there are no problems. If we get to the point of cloning humans- these clones believe they are normal and should not be made to be a backup if something happens to “the original”. In the island, the clones were not aware that they were clones and were just being used. They were kept locked up with the false pretense that if they were lucky they’d be able to leave- that should never happen. “The sixth day” had a better idea of how clones should be handled (when it comes to cloning humans and animals) with “RePet” if a pet dies they can be cloned as if nothing happened. “There’s someone in my house, eating my birthday cake, with my family, and it’s not me!” (Spottiswoode, Roger, director. The 6th day. 2000). Clones shouldn’t be hidden and they shouldn’t be treated as if they’re less than the “original” they’re normal and can very well lead a good life- like dolly. To conclude, cloning would be a great forward leap for science and society. It has many positives, which greatly outweigh the negatives. We don’t have the right to deny anyone happiness or a way to better and help their lives and situations. I’m for cloning, as we all should be.

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