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When he returned, he started his work to make his reactor
better and came up with a new and more powerful arc reactor. He named it MACH 2.
 He also announced to the press that
Stark Industries will no longer make weapons. Obadiah Stane, the company’s
manager, convinced Stark that his decision will bring a lot of trouble for the
company, but Stark was not in the mood of being convinced. He spent a couple of
months to improve his suit by adding more and more features to it. He was
informed by a reporter that his new missiles were delivered to the Ten Rings,
and later he found that it was Stane who was the fox between the sheep. He flied
in his new suit to the village that was being attacked by those missiles,
killed all the terrorists, and destroyed all the missiles and saved the

Later with the help of his assistant pepper pots, He learned
that it was Stane who was behind the attack in Iraq and that Ten Rings work
under his command.  Stane’s men reverse
engineered the Stark’s original suit to recreate a new suit. But Stane’s
scientists were unable to complete the suit because of the missing key
component, i.e. stark’s arc reactor. So, to have the key component, Stane
invaded Stark’s office, paralyzed stark with a sonic device, and snatched his
arc reactor from him. Struggling to even get up on his legs, he slowly crawled
into his laboratory and somehow managed to install the old arc reactor to his
body. Stark flies to Stane’s place where he attacked Stark with his new and
more powerful suit. Stark and Stane fight head to head with each other where
each one proves to be better than the other. Stark lured Stane to the top of
the building where the original, big arc reactor was installed and instructs
Pepper to overload the reactor. The reactor explodes and spews beams of energy straight
into the sky which caused the suit of Stane to explode hence killing him inside

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There are multiple elements of technology used in the
movie. First of all, Stark’s virtual assistant named JARVIS is the best
Artificial Intelligence program. He has designed JARVIS in such a way that he
knows everything about anything. It controls everything in Stark’s house and helps
him with his work also. He interacts with JARVIS by simply talking to him and
it understands what he is saying and replies with an intelligent answer. It can
identify between different persons and can also safeguard private information. 

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