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When using memory to identify
if a perpetrator was present or absent from a crime can be described like using
a medical test to test the presence or absence of a disease in a client. They
are not valid or reliable. The test usually yield positives and negatives when
attempting to correctly identity the perpertrator. IN regards to the medical
field, the diagnostic test are usually evaluated by receiver operating
characteristics (ROC) but when using eyewitness memory, different methods are
used. ROC analysis can provide a verdict under certain conditions, but has
never been used for that purpose. The performance of their lineup has beem
tested by comparing their respective ratios. When in a simultaneous procedure
the members of a line up are presented together, and sequential procedure the
members are presented one at time so the individual could get recognition
decisions, and the test stops when one is named the perpretartor. Diagnostic
test were used to outline four outcomes which include psotive, negative,
sensitivity, and specificity

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