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What’s Euthanasia?Euthanasia is a last means resort to end the suffering of dying patients. After a long thought conversation with the doctor and the family, the terminally ill patient may ask the doctor to end their suffering by means of a lethal dose and or pill. It is different from assisted suicide as the doctor is killing you rather than having you killing yourself. It is a relatively painless process and only used for patients who are terminally ill. The patient and his family must agree to do it, however, the doctor must also be willing to perform it. Quite a few doctors will refuse to do it as it goes against their morals. Euthanasia is split into two different types, Passive & Active. Active euthanasia is when a doctor give a patient a lethal injection to end a terminal issue such as cancer. Passive euthanasia is when someone on, for example, life support & they or their family decide that they should turn it off if they are on life saving medication & they decide in euthanasia they are still kept on painkillers. Active is the most commonly debated form of euthanasia due to it being at the hands of a doctor. Active is commonly mistaken (Or rightfully called depending on your view of it) as murder while passive as medical negligence .Euthanasia legality varies depending on country. It has been legalized in many countries including, Canada, Japan, Netherlands & even a few states in U.S. For Canada, euthanasia was illegal except in Quebec until June of 2016; in Quebec it’s been legal since June 2014.Statistics: according to a slideshow on life canada’s website:43% of Canadians believe Euthanasia is morally acceptable while only 8%  said it was always wrong and 49% said that it was sometimes acceptable in some cases. Only 51% of Canadians say the lethal injections should only be given by doctors 34% said that both a doctor & a nurse should be able to 9% said no one & 6% said any caregiver.What does the Church say? The Roman catholic church does not support Euthanasia as it goes against its beliefs and values. It is regarded as a sin as it violates God’s fifth commandment of “Thou shalt not kill”. God’s gift of life is given to everyone and he decides when to take it away. Us humans should not play God. It is God’s decision to decide when, where, and how a person dies. In the Bible it states “No one has power over the spirit to retain the spirit,and no one has power in the day of death” (Ecclesiastes 8:8).  When we even propose euthanasia, we are stating that the life of a person, God’s child, is no longer useful and doesn’t deserve to live. It is not our job to value or devalue human life as that is God’s job alone.

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