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What happens when a woman saves her husband’s life with an illegal transaction? She learns how little he loves her. In this play, Nora signs an illegal transaction to secure the money needed to take Torvald on a trip to Italy in order to save him from an illness. It keeps the transaction and payment condition a secret. Everything runs smoothly until the end of the loan. By this time, Torvald is promoted and wishes to dismiss Krogstad, who had aided Nora and, secretly, Torvald. In his place, Torvald places an old friend of Nora. He finally discovers the secret transaction and expels his wife, who will be convicted of fraud. The document is returned to Nora because Krogstad is moved, but the same does not happen with Torvald. He forgives her only because she will not be expelled, but cannot keep her as the wife that was during the hard times. The dollhouse is destroyed.When Nora realizes that the world is not exactly as she imagined, she reevaluates her whole life from basic education to her marriage and realizes that her place in society is zero. She is not what she wanted to be. She’s just a mirror of what they said she should be. The last fifteen pages of this play are essentially a discourse of Nora’s emancipation before the two men in her life who have made her the foolish being she is today: her father and her husband. When the character only realizes she has been treated differently just because she was a woman she decided to take her position as a woman and leave. The Doll House shows the main character of the play, Nora Helmer, who struggles to free herself from her “doll” role of her husband Torvald, seeking to be true to herself and find her own way in the world. Ibsen’s portrayal of nineteenth-century marital norms was controversial when the play was staged for the first time, but Nora’s character soon became an important worldwide symbol for women struggling for liberation and equality. The play shows how the character was treated like a toy, a doll for the fact that the husband did not know Nora for whom she really was, he uses her for sex rather than his own wife. The husband states “The child shall have her way” this quote shows how the relationship between the couple was more like father and daughter rather than husband and wife.Nora sees herself trapped in a world where she had to be someone in which she was not just to pleasure her husband. The character in order to get what she needed or wanted, had to persuade the husband and be who he wanted her to be. At that time the author shows how the women were treated. The woman at that time had to understand in their early life that the only door for a life that was, at the same time, easy and respectful was the marriage. Soon, she depended on her beauty, conforming to the masculine taste of those days, to his charm and the arts of her dresser.In conclusion, even nowadays there is a huge amount of amount of women who sacrifice themselves most of the times even more than the man but the machismo rule this. In my opinion, the world has made an amazing improvement with the equality between man and women, but there is still a lot to be done. In order for that change to happen woman need to prove that they are no doll, that women are as equal as a man and this can be made by a woman getting out of their comfort zone of being a housewife and prove that they can be independent and work as well.

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