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What methods do you use to relax? According to Seppala (2015) “Why are business leaders embracing meditation rather than, say, massage or ping-pong? Because there’s something to meditation that appears to benefit CEOs more than recreation or relaxation do alone.” (para. 1). People may use meditation technics for their benefit. Meditating has two positive effects for people; namely, it helps as psychological and physical benefits.

To begin with, meditating may help people to deal with diseases that related to psychological health by reducing stress and changing their self-perceptions and sense of suffering. Meditating may reduce disease that related to psychological problems. Schneider (2014) claims that Exploration looking into meditation need additionally demonstrated an extensive variety of mental advantages. For example, a 2012 survey from claiming 163 investigations that might have been distributed by that American Psychological Association finalize that Transcendental meditation required generally powerful impacts to diminishing anxiety, negative emotions, characteristic tension what’s more neuroticism same time aiding learning, memory also self-realization. Mindfulness meditation needed generally powerful impacts for diminishing negative identity qualities and what’s more, enhancing mindfulness and notice. (par. 3) In other words, people may who meditate get rid of much psychological disorder over and above meditation help these people in their life.In addition, meditating may change people’s self-perceptions and self-suffering. According to Schneider (2014):

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In studies on long-term and even short-term practitioners of Transcendental Meditation, subjects report the experience of a fundamental level of unity and wholeness in their awareness. This gives them a deep feeling of peace, connectedness, and relief from stress. EEG and brain imaging research show that meditators’ brains actually function differently than those who haven’t learned the technique. (par. 9)

That is to say, meditation may provide serenity, relaxation in people’s lives and also it might help to get rid of stress to people who meditate. However, ?t does not provide these facts to people who not meditating.


In addition to psychological benefits, meditating also promotes physical benefits. Meditating may regulate organs and muscles in the body. To illustrate, Dobson (2011) explains that meditation can regulate continually functions like heartbeat, sweating, breathing, and digestion. Thus, people who meditate on their daily routine may have a long healthy life. Furthermore, meditation may help lose weight. Dobson (2011) claims that “According to a study at Oregon Research Institute, which involved six weeks of training, focusing on mindfulness meditation, mindful eating, body awareness and triggers to overeating. Results show the obese people had significant decreases in weight, binge eating …” (par. 14). This means that people who are obese can lose weight by meditating.

In conclusion, people who meditate can benefit physically and psychologically from the benefits of meditation. Reducing diseases that related to psychological health, changing people’s self-perceptions and self-suffering, regulating organs and muscles in the body and helping lose weight are the effects of meditation. It is true that if people meditate, they may have generally more relaxed and serene life.














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