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What was deduced from the brief is as
follows: F1 signed a deal with Snapchat to create exclusive content; which
means footage from the racing season (Grand Prix) would be hosted on ‘Our
stories’ Snapchat platform. F1 is looking to develop the public’s awareness
using several communication channels especially on the digital platform. In
turn, by using a social media platform such as Snapchat you grasp that F1 is
determined to attract the millennial sector, who they see as the future of the

 Our task as an agency is to introduction and
promote an integrated marketing communication campaign for the UK market and
target millennials, while staying true to the existent image of F1 ‘Glamour,
Speed and technical excellence on a worldwide stage.’ (Motorsport
Stats, 2017)

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This paper will delve deeper into the topic and will
discuss the following matters: objective, marketing analysis, millennial
analysis, message and concept, communication channels, action plan, measurement
and budget, and finally putting emphasis on what our group ‘The Diversity’ executed
well and what improvements or adjustments could have been made. 

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