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What is a blog?A blog is a kind of a website where we share our knowledge, emotions and experiences through writing. Basically a blog can be easily maintained with popular CMS applications like WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Tumblr, Quota etc. CMS stands for Content Management System. These web applications manage the contents that we publish in our blog. The best part is we don’t need to learn any coding to run the blog on CMS platform.These CMS applications can be classified into two categories, Open source and closed source. The open source CMS web applications can be installed on any web hosting servers that we purchase to host our personal domain.All the above mentioned CMS application providers provide users free space* and unique sub domains of user’s choice to start a free blog.What are the types of blogs? You can’t force yourself to write an article in your blog. Blogging comes automatically when you feel like expressing your feelings from your heart. So before you start a blog you should be aware of the types of blogs and its future. According to my observation I have categorized blogs into two main parts Personal/Lifestyle blog and Niche blog.Personal/Lifestyle blogIt is a type of blog where people write and share their personal experience, story and emotion. You can write whatever you want on any topic. There are no rules to follow. It will help you to find people like you on internet. It is something like sharing status, experience, emotions, pictures and videos in social media. But social media don’t give you money for all that activity, creativity and sharing. Also you got many limitations on social media to express your creativity properly. That’s why you need a blog or website. Niche blog Niche blog is something when your whole blog and writing is on a particular topic. It is one of the most popular options that people choose to make money from blogging. Basically through their writing the bloggers recommend third party products or services. Those are called affiliate products and services and sold by different owners/website. Niche bloggers use the links of the products/services with their unique tracking code. And whenever a visitor makes a purchase from the links then the blogger gets commission from the owner/website. The commissions can be 8 to 80 percent of the product price. One of the biggest trustworthy affiliate service provider companies is Amazon. Also there are so many like Commission Junction, Click Bank, ShareaSale etc. Examples of niche blogs: There can be more than hundreds of niche for example Health & Wellness, Fashion & Style, Makeup & Beauty, Pets, Travel, Exercise & Fitness, Gardening and so on.Popular free Blogging platforms depending on blog helps you to grow your audience and community from inside WordPress besides google search and social media sharing. But it is not a good option to start a free Personal/Lifestyle blogging here. Because if you want to monetize your blog under Google AdSense for Content to make money and you are using free option in WordPress then you can’t do it. To monetize your blog under AdSense for Content you have to upgrade to premium plan and that starts at 96 USD/year (no monthly payment option). Where other popular hosting services provide much better facilities in less than 60 USD/year and also you get monthly payment options. But if your target is niche blogging then wordpress may be a good option for you. Because you can earn from affiliate marketing with the free plan. But lots of AdSense ads of WordPress will definitely move your traffic in different direction. To remove the AdSense ads of WordPress again you have to pay yearly 48 USD. Besides you got no control over the emails of your subscribers. Blogger:Blogger was developed by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. Generally, the blogs are hosted by Google at a subdomain of Blogger cannot be installed on a web server as it is not open source.         If you start a free blog on “Blogger” then you will be benefited in every way whether you start a Personal/Lifestyle blog or Niche blog. Because blogger is owned by Google and Google won’t put their ads on your blog. Also you can apply for AdSense for Content program in your free blog when your blog will be eligible. And also you can buy and link your personal domain in your free blog in affordable price. As you know people make money for uploading videos on YouTube and they don’t have to pay extra penny like that people can make money from free blogs in Blogger.Paid platforms for blogging:”All free options have some limitations”Beside the free platforms there are so many popular paid options available on internet. Like as a blogger I run my paid blog ” ” from a paid hosting service provider (Not from WordPress or Blogger or any free platform). A paid hosting service provider company provides different types of hosting options like WordPress Hosting, Panel Hosting (CPanel, Plesk Panel etc). As I told earlier that the open source popular CMS web applications like WordPress and Joomla can be installed on a web server. So if you buy a panel hosting from a web hosting service provider then you can install a open source application on your server and start blogging. The WordPress hosting are basically costly than panel hosting. Panel hosting means freedom to any web designer/developer. Only WordPress hosting is totally different from panel hosting.You can use WordPress application to run your blog in panel hosting but with WordPress hosting you got no access to panel. My recommendations for paid web hosting:HostGator is one of the most popular web hosting platforms that I recommend for India. For all over the world Godaddy is very good option to choose for web hosting.   How to make money from blogging?I already described in my above writing about how to make money from blogging. Here I am giving more info about it. So you already know from the writing there are only two basic ways to make money from blogging. First and most popular one is Affiliate Marketing and second one is Google Adsense.You can make money from affiliate marketing but not from Google AdSense if you are using free blog/website in WordPress. But you can earn from both if you are blogging for free from Blogger platform.

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