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What Is A Plant Disease?Plant diseases are any abnormal growth in the plant in any part of it that can modify the regular functions of the plant. Plant diseases are a normal part of nature that unless we genetically modify our plants or spray them, which can make it worse, we just have to grow them in a good environment and deal with the disease if it comes. Plant diseases keep all the plants and animals (including us) in balance. Plant diseases are one of the many risks that plants take when we grab them out of their original habitat and grow them in our own different conditions that may work for us but not so much for the plants. These plants that we remove from their normal habitats are much more susceptible to plant diseases that most other plants are a little more prepared. Then again plants out in nature take the risk of being the host to more than one pathogen, that is a plant that has been invaded already to one pathogen is more susceptible to second pathogens. There are five main stages to a plant disease. The first How Are They Caused?      ?????Add more DetailThere are two types of plant diseases and those are the infectious and the noninfectious. The infectious plant diseases are caused by a pathogenic organism such as a fungus, bacteria, or virus. The infectious agent is able to reproduce while using its host while spreading into other parts of the plant as well as to other separate plants through the roots system. A non-infectious plant disease is usually caused by harsh growing conditions such as very high or very low temperatures, uneven relationships with the moisture and the air, toxic substances, or too much or too little of a mineral in the soil. Since this type of plant disease is just caused by rough conditions and has no actual form it can reproduce to other plants.For us as humans our crops are vital to us so when a disease hits our crops we want to be ready to know what it is and to catch it early so that if it’s an infected with a pathogen that could potentially spread to other plants we would want to get rid of the plants it’s already infected so that we can at least save some of the crops. The names of the plant disease are usually based on their common symptoms shown on the plant. Some of the most common types of plant diseases are blight, wilt, rot, rust mildew, and cankers.

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