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We are driven by digital technology in everyday life because
technology is an influence on people’s communications how they say things and
their life habits. Some companies need to know how to use the digital world to
have an impact on their industries and be aware of all setbacks. A way of how
technology has changed businesses and their products is by Instant
Communication with the customers, away businesses do is by using Social media
and it allows companies to interact with the customers to promote their
products. Another way some Business connects with their customers is on
Facebook which has 900 million global users the majority are teenagers.

Another way that technology has changed businesses is that
it gives you too many content overload, some businesses marketers have their
work cut out because it is hard to get your message and brand products out there
according to (Allen, 2017) “Every 60 seconds 3.3 million people make a
Facebook post, and 29 million messages are distributed via Whatsapp.”  It is hard to be noticed by the customers
that are using these applications.

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Many customers want to know about the companies that there
are spending their money on, this allows companies to build loyalty within the customers.
There is 12 percent of customers that trust companies with the information in
the product while 67% believe that it is up to the brand to provide the
information.  Some companies know that
social media marketing should be the first thing in any company’s marketing

companies are aware that Modern technology allows marketers
to obtain a large amount of information about their customers but for them to
have the best ways to achieve is by Understanding which customer channels will
pay off, like for a brand that needs to focus on their customer engagement
within a significant way to build a relationship with the customer and a brand.
(O’Brien, 2017)

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