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We live in world where technology
is omni present. In this era of hi-tech world, Hi- Touch becomes most
important. Those organizations, departments, teams, individuals stand out who
provide Hi Touch experience to their employees. 


HR is undergoing through
transformation .Almost every industry and every sector is disrupted by Digital
Technologies. Cognitive Computing, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data ,
Analytics are not just buzz words but real technologies which are shaping
businesses. Almost every company has a department which is charged with the
responsibility of Digital Transformation. That means newer technologies are
making  way into the organizations across departments . HR is not left
behind either . There are apps for well being, reward and recognition,
performance management, feedback, learning, social referrals, recruitment .
Almost every function of HR leverages technologies to provide Hi Touch
experience to employees. Employee engagement is still an issue which costs
companies across the globe several billion dollars. 

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 Companies are mindful that
this shift is not just about technological advancements but as much about
organisational cultural change which means providing better employee


In a digital world with
increasing transparency and the growing influence of Millennials, employees
expect a productive, engaging, enjoyable work experience  


The focus from organization
perspective is on better experience to Customers, Clients, Candidates who want
to join the organization and to existing employees. In the times we live in,
millennials have become majority of the workforce. They grew up with
technology. Mobile and Social impact the experiences . Millennials receive news
about the world through apps. We live in the age of 24 by 7 connectivity. 
Work happens round the clock. In globally integrated enterprises, you often
work with teams who are spread across geographies. There is pervasive use of
Videoconferencing, Virtual collaboration tools across the organisation. 

So, in the age of Hi Tech world,
it is time again to bring back humanity into HR. 


Human capital management
technology works best when it enables people to act more human. The goal is not
to replace people, but to allow people to spend more time on activities that
drive engagement. They want to make a difference through their work, develop
their capabilities, and connect with other people. 


Designing a hi tech yet hi touch
employee experience is the challenge in front of HR Professionals 


Have you heard of Amber
? She is the new #HR chatbot and 30,000
employees across 37 companies have opened up to her . 


Those organisations and Leaders
will succeed which will crack the code of Hi Touch employee experience and make
employees feel valued at workplace. 


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