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We will be putting our researching skills to the test by immersing ourselves in the haunted places of Asia where no one has dared to go. Our first stop is South Korea. We find ourselves in the abandoned and deserted ruins known as Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital. The hospital which is located in the city of  Gwangju has been known throughout for its sudden closure in the 1900s. The unfortunate deceased have been trapped in the hospital, wandering the halls and injuring the living who dare to set ground in the abandoned hospital.       Our second destination on the map is Chibichiri Cave in Okinawa, Japan. The cave has seen incredibly gruesome things for it was the site where an 82 day battle took place during World War 2. American soldiers once invaded the island and made it their goal to kill any japanese residents that they found nearby. In order to protect their children and themselves, the villagers took to killing their children and later committing suicide. The bones of those unfortunate still remain in the cave to this day with only the entrance open to the public.      We will now be heading to Singapore, where we will find the Old Changi Hospital, which is said to be one of the most haunted places in Singapore.This hospital was built in 1935. It’s purpose was to serve the British Royal Air forces as a camp for all those they considered ” anti- japanese”. It was also thought to be used as a base for Japanese police. In simpler words a lot of people were tortured and held captive, many died .It now remains abandoned. Many people have said that weird things go on in there and voices and screams are often heard from those living nearby. It has been put at lease but no one ever dared to go by. It is open to public but the stories told are unimaginable.     Now we find ourselves at the infamous Fengdu Ghost City in  Southwest China. The city is 2000 years old and housed the rulers during the Eastern Han Dynasty. The place was branded as a portal for spirits when two Taoist monks became possessed by an evil entity. The city has also been discovered to be a pathway for spirits to walk to their  afterlife. Fengdu City has been claimed by happy spirits who walk cheerfully towards the light, while there are other spirits who remain trapped, revengeful and confused.     As we circle through Asia, we encounter ” Ghost Hill “, penang located in Malaysia. At least that’s what the people from there call it.  Even before the horrors of World War II , this area was known for it’s supernatural occurrences. As World War II came around the corner, the British decided to build a fortress on Ghost Hill , which quickly fell to the japanese. It then became a prison camp which, as we all know, was used to torture and execute the enemy. It is now used as a museum , so people can go and view the site. People who have been brave enough though , have said it’s one of the most chilling places ever. ” It left me with goosebumps” said a tourist ” I don’t know how I did it “.     Welcome to the Tower of Silence located in the city of Mumbai, India. The site is truly one of the most impactful that we have encountered so far. The backstory to the tower has lots to do with the religion of Parsi people who practiced Zoroastrianism. A unique feature of this tower is that the people would lay there fellow dead on the flat tops to be eaten by vultures as part of the custom. The tradition is at least 3000 years old and has been used to help the spirits have a safe trip to the afterlife. Around the 2000s, a recently banned drug killed around 95% of the vultures in the area. The citizens now found the tower to be useless for there were no vultures  to eat the dead. The site has now been reported to have strong paranormal activity where tourists have stated that they have a sense of being watched and have had a few moments where they feel extreme nausea and a strong smell of decaying flesh. The tower is not recommended to visit at night due to its large aura of creepiness.     Abandoned houses? Mysterious forests? You can find all that and more in the city of Kurseong in Northeast India. The city has been known for the screams of a women which scare away the tourists. Some of the many things that have been seen and heard here are whispers carried by the wind, beady red eyes hiding in the dark, and mysterious disappearances and deaths. The usual piercing screams of women can be heard across the dense forest that lies in the city of Kurseong.      As we come close to the end , we now rest upon a small location in Taiwan called Green Island. The now abandoned colony was known for housing politicians in it’s small prison during the age of the White Terror ( politicians disappeared by law for 38 consecutive years). Many residents died due to firing squads sent by the government to destroy these “anti law groups”. The lost souls of the residents have been said to manifest themselves in particular ways and have been seen and heard by tourists all around.     We have now covered the top  haunted locations and attractions in Asia. From screams that seem to originate from thin air, to patients that refuse to leave the comfort of the hospital, our research has dedicated to informing the individuals around the world about these dangerous hauntings that still occur to this day. We hope you found our evidence to be of use and as inspiring to anyone who decides to one day visit these great historical attractions with even creepier back stories.

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