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Vincent van Gogh is a painter who was born
in Netherland. Some of his artwork includes still files, portraits, landscapes
as well as self-portraits. Most of his work was identified as
post-impressionism. His work provides a connection between the environment and
the impression of that particular time. Most of his popular representation includes
wheat field, sunflower, and cypress. This essay is going to compare and
contrast three of Vincent van Gogh paintings. These paintings include Wheat
field with Cypresses, Road with Cypress and Star and lastly Pink Orchard

Wheat Field ang Cypresses
trees 1989(painting  below),
Oil on canavas was a painting that Van Gogh created while he was still in a
mental asylum in Saint Remy, the southern part of the France (Getlein 2016). He
painted this art after he had been permitted to take short walks and paint
outside the asylum. Van Gogh got impressed by cypresses that were around that
place and he felt these trees reflected some of his inner emotion (Gomes &
M. D. A. M, 2017). Therefore, he could use these trees to reveal his inner
feeling through his painting. Van Gogh painted Road with Cypress a night before
leaving the mental asylum at Saint Remy. This painting was actually his last
reminder of Saint Remy and a summary of the many impression he had obtaining
doing his stay there. In this painting, there are no exiting landscapes but the
composition of Van Gogh’s discretion. Pink Orchard 1888 oil on canvas, was
painted by Van Gogh in during the season after the long winter when many trees
were not in bloom. Van Gogh was furious of work because the trees were in
blossom during the winter and he wanted to do a Provence orchard of great joy
and this is what motivated him to paint tirelessly, one of the paintings from
his work during this time being Pink Orchard.

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Field ang Cypresses trees

Color is an essential aspect of every
painting. Color is normally used in paintings to create specific emotion, mood,
and atmosphere to introduce some of the symbolic association to make the paint
more relevant. Van Gogh uses unusual colors in his arts with an emphasis on his
meaning and his impressions. In Wheat Field with Cypresses painting, Van Gogh
used green, blue and yellow but the painting is largely dominated by the green
color. The way in which the painting is presented shows that there is a cool
color dominance all over it, apart from the warm yellow of the wheat field. The
cypress trees in the paint have been darkened by the painter and the white
color has been used to paint the clouds. These colors have been used together
to make the painting complete and harmonize it although there is a limited
palette. The brighter color that has been used to paint the cypresses, bushes
and the grass create a distinction between the cool blue colors used to depict
the mountains (Gomes & M. D. A. M, 2017). This technique assists the
painter to push some objects on the distance and brings other objects closer.
The colors in the painting try to portray the cool atmosphere and the peaceful
mood of the environment that the paint is representing.

In Pink Orchard (
picture below), the colors that have been used in this painting are red, green,
yellow and white. Red and green have been used on the grass while white has
been used to paint the blossom. The painter used of complimentary contrast as
evident in the red and green in grass. These complimentary colors are simply
painted to reinforce each other. The color that Van Gogh used in painting tree
is somehow unrealistic. Trees have been painted blue which is not their color
while some grass has been painted red. The painting was done after the long
winter has just ended and the painter used the colors to try to show his
frustration about the long winters. The unrealistic coloring is implying how
the long winter had impacted negatively on the normal way of life. The red color
in the grass put emphasis on how the season had a bad influence on the nature
and normal way of life. The mood in the picture seems to be more frustrating.

 Pink Orchard

In the painting
Road with Cypress and Star ( picture below) the color that has been used
are green, blue, yellow and white. The green color represents the trees and
grass, the blue color is painted on the sky, yellow has been used on the wheat,
the cypress trees have been darkened. The darkening of the Cyprus tree
elaborates how the painter had a deeper connection with the trees considering
that this was the first tree he painted when he was allowed to take short walks
while in the asylum. During that time, he felt that he could use cypresses to
reveal his inner emotion and this tree can be simply a representation of the
painter. The land is painted white as well as some part of the mountain and the
sky (Olson, 2015). The colors which are dominating in the blue and green. These
colors are trying to emphasize on cool nature of the environment.  Since this painting was to be as a reminder
about Van Gogh stay in Saint-Remy, the main focus was to show the natural look
of the environment. The mood in the picture is calm and it tries to show how
the painter felt about staying Saint Remy. The painter seemed to have a
peaceful stay here and these shows that people at Saint Remy seemed to be kind
and friendly.

 painting Road with Cypress

When comparing these three paintings you
can do so by comparing similarities and some colors that have been used. The
green, blue, yellow and white colors have been used repeatedly on all painting.
This show how the painter is more focus about the color of the natural features
that are found in the environment (Vieira, 2015). The green and blue colors
have dominated the most picture which are the colors representing the land and
the sky. The colors in the Road with Cyprus and Wheat filed with cypresses tend
to be the same this can be simply because the painting was regarding the same
environment in Saint-Remy and was painted during the same season where there
were no changes on nature. The Pink Orchard seemed to be different with some
additional color like red. The painting is done in a different environment and
different time hence cannot be similar with the other paintings.

Composition in a painting is usually used
to attract the viewers to the painting so that they can use the specific
components in the painting to focus on the main features of the painting. Each
component can be used to represent different emotions, mood, and theme of the painting
(Vieira, 2015). In the painting Road with Cypress and
Star, Van Gogh as used component like wheat. Cypress trees, horse-drawn
carriage, grass, moon, star, landscape, two individuals who are walking in the
road and mountain. The horse-drawn carriage which is being followed by two
individuals on the road tries to elaborate the painters need for love and
companionship. The landscape image shows the continued concern of the painter
about the eternity and life after this world. It can be seen that on the left
side of the painting there is a star which is emerging barely in the sky while
on the right side there is a newly formed crescent moon. This tries to emphasize
on the painter’s concern with rebirth and renewal as a consolation of the end
of the spiritual journey. The star represents death while newly formed crescent
moon represents new life. In the Pink Orchard painting, the main components are
trees, grass, Sky and a path. This composition in the picture makes it quiet and

In conclusion, when you compare this composition,
there are similarities that reveal themselves in these two painting. Components
like grass, trees, and the sky have been used in both paintings. This tries to
emphasize on how the painter embrace nature and its natural resources and
component in his painting. The difference can be seen in the coloring of trees
and grass as well as the type of trees. This is because the theme, environment
and the mood of the painting do vary. The painter is also influenced by the
environment surrounding him that is why there are changes in his paintings.























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