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Video games, one of the biggest and most popular forms of entertainment in the twenty first century, but, they have always been a synonymous with views of obesity, eye problems and violence, but are these an accurate depiction of the truth. Many people believe so, but, many people also believe that video games can be used to help and not hinder our health. An argument that the community against video games us is, over exposure to video games can damage your eye sight. Though at first this might seem to be a valid point, parents have always Sayed that sitting close to the TV is bed for you, there is evidence to prove there wise. A study was done by the University of Rochester in 2009. The study showed that playing video games can help players eyes to notice very settle changes in colour. The skill known as contrast sensitivity function and is one of the first things to fade with old age. Previous studies have also shown an increase in visual capabilities after regular playing of fat moving games such as, Call of Duty and Counter Strike. The head of the study Daphne Bavelier said in an interview “A lot of different aspects of the visual system are being enhanced, not just one,”. This show that the tales of children losing their vision after playing on their gaming consoles for too long are false if not completely absurd.  Another argument used by activists against video games is, video games kill your brain cells.  Video games have been shown to increase the cognitive ability of the people playing them. Though this isn’t the same for all video games it applies to most them. Research published in a journal written by Plos One shows that in certain genres such as strategy games can lead to an enhancement in cognitive flexibility. Cognitive flexibility, one of the main pillars in human intelligence, is the ability to switch between two different concepts, and to be able to think about multiple concepts at once. The study was conducted by the university collage of London ad involved 72 volunteers. The study had participants take apsychological test then playing 40 hours of a video game over six to eight weeks, before participating in another test after playing the video game for 40 hours. The researchers found that participants that played the game called ‘StarCraft’ (which is a rea-time strategy game) had higher conative flexibility than those who had played the video game called sims 4 (a life-simulation game). The participants that played the game StarCraft had greater speed and accuracy it certain tasks. The researchers also found that participants that played the more complex version of the game scored even higher on the test. This shows the video games don’t kill brain cells, but do the opposite and help the brain grow and helps the brain function more efficiently. Gaming can slow down aging in the brain! Research as show that playing only two hours a week of a brain testing game may slow down mental decay in old people. The study done by the University of Iowa, which involved 681 healthy elderly people over the age of 50, play ten hours of a video game every week for five to eight weeks, showed that playing brain testing game can slow down the natural in multiple cognitive skills for up to seven years. The group of elderly people were split into two groups, one playing crossword puzzles, and the other playing a video game called ‘Road Tour’.  This could be used to slow the effects of such metal disorders as dementia, again proving that video games can help treat mental conditions.  Video games helping solve child dyslexia. A study conducted by the University of Padua found that after playing a fast-paced action game for twelve hours, children with dyslexia were able to read faster and with much greater accuracy than before. Meanwhile children that played a slower paced game didn’t improve s much as the group the played the fast-paced game. Though it might not seem that important, this is a mage reap forward in finding a reliable way to treat dyslexia, and is much less time consuming and is more resource efficient than current methods. For example, after twelve hours of playing a fast-paced game, the children taking part had achieved the same as children who had done 1 year of spontaneous reading development. The attention skills of the participants flaying the fast-paced game also increased, this could lead to faster learning and reading skills being developed. Overall this proves that video games can do more than just slow down ageing in the brain, but can also be used to cure issues in the brain at a young age. Video games are as good as a personal therapist. Research has discovered that a laying video games is as good as a therapist when it comes to things like depression. A group of researchers from New Zealand came up with a great way to treat depression using video games. The study that involved a group of 168 teenage participants. Half the group were treated as standard, mean while the other group were treated using the video game created by the researchers. The game is called sparx, in the game the player is taught basic facts about depression on every level. The results were: around forty four percent of the participants that played the video game recovered meanwhile only twenty six percent of the group that got treated the traditional way recovered. Therefore, showing that the video game is the better method of treatment. 

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