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Vacuum Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts You Need To Know AboutModern day vacuum cleaners have evolved from carpet sweepers to manual vacuum cleaners. Now in the market you will find various types of vacuum cleaners from powered to domestic vacuum cleaners. There are different kinds of models available at different sizes according to your requirement and convenience.THE DEVICEA vacuum cleaner is an electronic device which is more of a sweeper. It consists of an air pump to partially create a vacuum that efficiently sucks up dirt and dust, from floors, surfaces of different kinds of objects like furnitures, draperies, upholstery etc. The dirt can be collected either in a dust bag or a cyclone for disposal.Vacuum Cleaners have become an essential part of our daily cleaning routine. Be it for domestic use or commercial cleaning job it has become a necessity as it is effective, quick and requires less effort. Nowadays vacuum cleaners are available in different configurations too.ATTACHMENTS AVAILABLEMost of the vacuum cleaners are available with attachment kits which consist of tools, extension wands and brushes. These specialized tools allow to access places that are otherwise inaccessible or tough to reach. The different brushes help to clean a variety of surfaces. The most common attachments available with vacuum cleaners are as follows:·         Upholstery Nozzle·         Dusting Brushes of Different Shapes and Sizes·         Hard floor brushes·         Crevice Tools·         Powered floor nozzle·         Ceiling Fan Attachment·         Multi-angle brush·         Claw utility nozzle·         Dust Bender·         Pet Tool·         Stair Cleaners·         Plastic Liners·         Y Splitter Adapter·         Accessory Bag·         Mini Binds and Vertical BindsDOs AND DON’Ts OF VACUUM CLEANINGThough everyone is familiar with this device and how to use it, there might be a few things that you have missed or overlooked. There are certain precautions that one needs to take while using a vacuum cleaner. Here are certain suggestions or tricks that you might do to thoroughly clean your house, office etc.THE DOsUse the Given Attachments- The different attachments should be used wherever needed for different purposes. Not only clean your floors, but clean your surroundings, home, office thoroughly. The vacuum cleaner is designed to make your cleaning job easier. The crevice tool can help you to access the corners from where you can gather dust. Those who own pets, for them the pet tool attachment is invaluable. You can use it to groom and clean the fur of your dog or cat. The claw utility nozzle is beneficial in cleaning campers, car interiors and boats. You can also use it to clean both wet and dry messes. Hand held vacuum cleaners and cordless units come with this attachment.Move Your Furniture And Appliances- While vacuum cleaning move aside your furniture if possible to thoroughly clean the floor. You can use dust bender available with the vacuum cleaner to clean shelves and cabinets, electronic devices and furniture itself. The extension wand can help you clean areas below the refrigerator, bed, cupboard etc.THE DON’TsThere are precautions that one needs to take while using vacuum cleaners. There are some common mistakes that people make resulting in damage.Don’t Vacuum Water- Regular vacuum cleaners are not designed to suck up water. You might get electrocuted or cause damage to the device. The circuit can get shot. Even if there is no damage caused, water can make the whole cleaning process messed up, when you try to empty the dirt into the dirt bag or bin. There are Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners available with different configurations. They are relatively inexpensive. Wet/Dry Vacuum are beneficial in emergency situations  where you need to clean up liquid or water.Don’t Overfill Your Vacuum Cleaner- Check your vacuum cleaner from time to time while cleaning.  If the dirt bag of the vacuum cleaner reaches its capacity and is not emptied, then the device might stop working properly. The suction of the vacuum cleaner may reduce as it gets clogged. You also run the risk of getting your device overheated. It might even cause damage. Therefore, do not wait for your dirt bag to reach its maximum capacity before emptying.Don’t Vacuum Hard or Sharp Objects- While vacuum cleaning you might come across some hard objects like a coin, a small rock or stone or some other small metallic objects. It is best that you don’t try to suck them with your vacuum cleaner. These hard objects might cause damage to the device. The items might get stuck inside the machine damaging the performance of your cleaner. Sharp objects might damage the fan that enables suction.Don’t Use A Dirty Filter To Vacuum- The filter in the vacuum should be clean as it cleans the air when it passes through the vacuum. A filter that is specially designed to remove allergens may not work well if it is clogged with dirt. It is best to regularly change or clean the filters.Don’t Rush- Don’t rush with your vacuum cleaner. Take your time to clean up. Check your device if there is any sudden noise in it. There might be an object stuck in it. Do not be negligent ith the maintenance of your device.SPECIFICATIONS TO BE CONSIDEREDThe performance and efficiency of a vacuum cleaner can be determined over several parameters. You may consider the following specifications or factors before purchasing a vacuum cleaner:·         Suction, vacuum, or water lifting features·         Air speed in miles per hour or meters per second·         Airflow in liters per second·         Additional Attachments·         Weight of the device in pounds or kilograms·         Hose and Power Cord length·         Noise·         Power ConsumptionHELPFUL TIPSUse Ice On Carpet Dents- Heavy objects or furniture might leave dents on the carpets. You can remove these hard dents by placing ice cubes on the dents. Once it melts vacuum over the carpet area, the fibers will return to its normal state.Deodorize Your Vacuum Cleaner- The dirt gathered in your vacuum cleaner might give out unpleasant odor. To avoid this you can put a scoop of cinnamon in your dirt bag.

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