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Username:Ob3yAge:15Country:EnglandLanguages:EnglishMicrophone:Yes, I have a microphone.Discord Username:Ob3y#9869Activity:I mostly spend my time on the “Galatic Realm”Why:I would like to be a member on the staff team as staffing is genuinely what I enjoy doing in Minecraft. I love to be staff to help out the players of the server.I will be very active because this is my best server that i have ever played on.i want to become staff because i love helping out other players on the server, So that they want to keep playing on the server and not have to worry about when there going to be moved in discord. I take pride in making sure that the players have the best time on the server and I consider it a failure on my behalf if a player has a bad time.I want to become staff because It’s the only thing I do on Minecraft. Ever since I resigned from previous servers I pretty much haven’t opened Minecraft once since moderation and administration Is the only thing I do on this game, It’s the only thing I still find fun In the game, I want to be a part of something new and build a nice and better community. I Would Like To Be accepted for staff simply because i know i can do a good job and help out players in need. I’ve wanted to to be staff on a good server since Noxious and this seems like a wonderful opportunity. I am super efficient and think I could really help out the Noxious network. I will spectate players and see if they are hacking or modding. I remember Good memories of hcf servers and lately I haven’t been having much fun on servers due to hackers and a toxic community. I want to make the community better. so everyone can be happy and have fun.Removing Advertisers from the networking- I know this is a big thing on somewhat smaller server because they have less staff on it so it’s easier for them to Advertise because they want get banned as quick as on bigger servers. I believe you should accept me at staff because I’m fit and mature for this job. I continue each day to help this server out in anyway possible such as, telling staff if someone is grieving, hacking and so forth. I would like this application to stand out from other peoples staff application’s because I don’t want to put the same old stuff as everyone else does and I hope to have a big shot at this staff position. When I get on my computer I jump right in to minecraft and right on teamspeak. I’m on a lot and I’m very active, I heard you were in need of staff so as soon as I could I hopped right on this website because I feel like I’m the right guy for this job. I love to see servers grow and grow and I would love to join you guys on that journey. I’m mature for my age and I love to laugh and joke around. But trust me, when i’m doing my job I act very serious in what I do. Some other reasons you should accept me as staff is because you will see a big change in this community. I love helping other and doing whats right when it comes to minecraft servers. I’m willing to put my whole experience on the line for this job as a staff member I hope to become the very best staff member I can possibly be. I’ve been striving for staff on here for a while but before I made an application I decided to higher my playtime in game. I did this so you guys have a better idea of how much I play. I know all the commands because all I do is watch staff series. So I’m willing to take this job and use it to help this server and this community out. I have been doing this for a while now and I hope to get a opportunity to become staff on here. Please give me a chance in this position. I also should be accepted because of these reasons.Another reason to why I am applying is because of my experience! I believe my experience is a lot better than other people that may be applyingCursedMC – Owner (100 Avg Players)Hyversal – Moderator (100 Avg Players)DayZ (Modpack) – ManagerModdedNetwork (Modpack) – SrModCrazyCraft  (ModPack) – SrModImprovement:I think I can improve the staff team a lot, I bring lots of qualities to the staff team if I were to be accepted.Maturity – I understand how to act around players in game and in TeamSpeak. I do not insult other players or try to start a ‘Riot’ in chat ever. I know that players will attempt to annoy you sometimes, it is a given on Minecraft, but I won’t let it affect me and I will not reply with any rude remarks or even reply at all unless they are asking a question.Also, I can spectate a reported player and answer questions in game or in Teamspeak at the same time.Consideration – I am not an unfair person. I will consider both players arguments in a story and then analyse both points to decide what action I should take, I will never make any quick decisions to get something out of the way.Bias – I will never favour my friend or a player I like over a player that I don’t like. I will treat everyone fairly and give everyone the same treatment. I will make sure that no unfair judgements are made and that the correct action is taken place.Organisation – Whenever I punish a player I make sure that I have all the facts laid out in front of me so I am sure that I am always sure the punishments I give are deserved and not false. Usually I keep the screenshots I take when punishing a player for two weeks or so just incase the player appeals his punishment.Lazy – I am not lazy and I refuse to slack, I enjoy what I do and I believe it would be wrong to have a member on the staff team who ignores players occasionally. I will always try my hardest to solve problems and make sure they are properly resolved.Rules – I obey the rules and do my best to enforce them. If a player breaks the rules I will punish them accordingly. I will also make sure that they understand they are breaking a rule so they don’t do it again.Communication – I have a working microphone that does not sound bad (blue yeti) , i have discord, Skype, teamspeak and telegram.Social – I enjoy talking to other players in chat and getting to know people, I will never ignore a player if they need me for actual help or even just someone to talk to.Loyalty – I am very loyal to servers I staff on, if they treat me well I will try my best to repay them by keeping the community clean, however I won’t be treated like a dog at the same time. On previous servers where I have been a member of staff, if I see corruption or disrespect towards me or any other member of staff from a higher up member of staff I will alert the owners or staff managers, if they don’t do anything I will not let myself be pushed around, I doubt this will happen with Clarity though!Teamspeak – In TeamSpeak I am calm with regular players and I am always polite. I never disrespect other players and I always try to be as helpful as I can when in support rooms.Dedication – When I am given a staff role on any server, I am always willing to dedicate every single minute I can to the server. If I do get promoted, I will completely stop playing on other servers and tunnel one hundred percent of my focus to this server!Team Work – When I am on any team, in Minecraft or anything for that matter, I always listen to other people and consider their opinions before I make my decisions.When I am in a call with another staff member, screen sharing a player for example, I am not loud and controling. I would give the staff member who is screen sharing what I think he / she should do and if I am not trying to solve a problem, normally I won’t even speak at all.Active – I am very active the only time I am not active is when I am on a trip or when I have a have a school test coming up then I would let the staff manager know.Nice to players – I am nice to players I am not toxic nor am I rude to players and I have alot of past experience with helping players and not being toxic to the players on the server.Servers:I am currently not staff on any servers, I Currently Own CursedMC though, But it is not currently up and down for maintenance.Trouble:If I were to ever get myself into this kind of situation, I will always make sure to tell a higher staff member, I will not try to handle it by myself because this can lead to mistakes.Time:I can dedicate atleast 3-4 hours of my time daily.Anything else:

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