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Unit 250- Support individuals to maintain personal hygiene1.1Maintaining personal hygiene is a good thing, it prevents germs and illnessesto spread to others. Good hygiene can give people a better self image andfeel more confident. It can also prevent skin from break down andcomplications that can effect your health.1.2Poor hygiene can effect people in different ways, people can have negativeself image and loose their self worth. Poor hygiene can make people not tosocialise with others, because other people may not want to be with them andavoid them. When they feel like people don’t want be near them, they canbecome withdrawn and stay alone, which can lead to depression.Poor hygiene can also cause many skin damages and infections.2.5When assisting the individual with personal care, always close the windows,doors and curtains to maintain their dignity and respect.Put on a dressing gown or clothes to cover their private parts before comingout of the bathroom/toilet. When doing the personal care, can have aconversation about other things to distract from the personal care, that puttheir mind somewhere else than them being embarassed about you seeingtheir body. If giving personal care in bed, don’t make them lay in bed totallyuncovered, cover their private or body parts that you aren’t doing at themoment. Make individual feel dignified, respected and confident.2.6Infection control is important, to minimise the way infections spread. Theways of disposing wastes can cause infections. Disposing body fluids,medical wastes, sharps and needles wrongly expose people like yourself andeveryone else to infections and diseases.2.7Wear PPE to avoid potential risks such as gloves and apron, when cominginto contact with body fluids. Dispose waste and soiled clothes correctly incorrect bags so not to spread infection. Wash hands before and afterhandling clients/patients and alcohol sanitiser. When cleaning always startfrom clean to dirty/soiled places.2.8Their partners, friends, family members, advocate, key worker and otherhealthcare professionals.3.1They may not be able to wash themselves and also be embarrassed of theirbodies so they won’t let anyone help them.They can also be in pain, which limits their capability or go out to buy hygieneproducts to wash.They may feel depressed or have mental health issues, which can makethem withdrawn so they don’t go out or socialise with others and thereforeignore their personal hygiene and stop looking after themselves.3.2First talk to the individual and find out what the real problem is. For example ifthey are embarrassed about having someone with them, can choose thesame gender support worker to assist with personal care. If they are in painor feeling depressed, would be good to support them to see GP or socialworker. If suspect abuse or anything concerning about the individual’swellbeing, must report immediately to manager, make a record of thesuspicions and monitor.

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