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Under the watch of president Herbert Hoover, America was hit with the Great Depression in the midst of an economic boom. During the 1920’s, the rich were making huge profits, and the country seemed to be flourishing and thriving. However, underneath the deceiving veil of prosperity, many common men, such as farmers, were struggling to keep afloat. Americans were spending more money than they earned and agriculture faced low prices and massive debts. The remaining effects of the first World War caused economic problems in many other countries which also contributed to the terrible stock market crash of 1929, that ruined huge amounts of investors and destroyed the people’s confidence in the American economy. Banks all over the country went bankrupt and people lost money and even their homes and businesses causing the unemployment rate to skyrocket. While the Great Depression cannot be blamed on one thing, many found Hoover guilty of not helping enough to bring America out of it, and it was not until President Roosevelt’s social reform that the Great Depression was reduced.Herbert Hoover was a Republican president elected on the eve of the Great Depression, putting him in a difficult situation that his political philosophy was unsuited for. Hoover failed to realize the seriousness of the situation, thinking it was just another part of the “boom-and-bust” cycle that America has gone through before and strongly believed that the trickle-down theory would eventually stimulate the economic growth back to normal (Document 5). Hoover was very confident that time was the only thing that would fix the problem, but the political pressure elicited him to make some reforms but they were too weak and way too late. His reforms did not offer much relief to those that were struggling the most and only made it seem like the federal government was doing something for the people.On the other hand, Roosevelt felt that it was the duty of the Federal government to use their power and money to help the public, unlike Hoover, who strongly believed that it was the state’s duty to deal with the poverty, hunger, and unemployment of their citizens, and not the Federal government. When Roosevelt came to power he quickly realized that American people needed all the help they could get in order to get out of the Depression, so he instituted many practices such as Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Civilian Conservation Corps, Works Progress Administration, and Social Security Act (Document 7). All of those either created jobs or secured people’s finances, some of which are still around to help people today, he also created relief programs to create housing and feed America’s poorest. Roosevelt used Federal money to build the nation’s infrastructure all over again, he recognized that the system had major flaws that allowed the Stock Market Crash and bank failures, and quickly passed regulations to control and stabilize the economy and these markets, while Hoover believed that “using the government to solve basic problems, would do more harm to America’s liberties than it would help its economy” (Document 8). Under Roosevelt, many jobs were created as well as public works which greatly helped the American economy. People were finally seeing progression and slowly America was once again gaining its footing. Even though many Conservatives judge some actions of Roosevelt, it is clear that his actions tremendously aided the economy and the spirit of Americans.  The faith of the people was restored in the banking system due to the FDIC, and without Roosevelt’s New Deal America would have probably spiraled further down into the Depression until the whole country fell apart.

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