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Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TAR UC) is a Malaysian one of the non-profit,
private university college. The person who suggest to setting up an institution
of higher learning is TAN SIEW SIN, the President of Malaysian Chinese Association(MCA) in April
1968. TAR College, named after Malaysia’s first prime minister, aims to make
efforts to bring about the future of the Malaysian government and the current
need for talent. The main campuses of Thar College are in Kuala Lumpur. The
school has five branches in Malaysia which is in Johor, Pahang, Penang, Perak, Sabah.

College students have
more than 27,000 students, including students from Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong,
South Korea, Singapore, the United States and Cinna. University College alumni
exceeded 180,000. It has been successfully upgraded from TAR C to TARUC in 2
May 2013, open a new perspective for the University College to seek and to
develop further in the version of academia. Provide Malaysians with quality and
affordable education.

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University College
offers more than 100 courses in Foundation, Foundation, A Level, Diploma and
Degree programs. These courses cover several areas from Applied Science, Mass
Communication, Creative Arts, Hospitality and Social Sciences to Accounting,
Engineering, Business, Management and Finance.

TAR UC Education is
recognized in academic fellowships and expert bodies locally and around the
world. University College has trained more than 190,000 graduates, many of whom
receive full scholarships at companies.

TAR UC also specializes
in providing students with the latest industry applications, technical know-how
and software by working with professional organizations and agencies to
collaborate and collaborate. The college also offers technical certifications that
include Microsoft DreamSpark, SAP, Cisco, MAIC SA, the PwC-ACCA STAR Program,
IBM, the TAR UC Employer Forum, TAR UC Careers and more.

The Communication and Information Technology (CIT)
Centre provides information technology facilities and services for the
administrative functions of colleges, faculty teaching and student learning for
the main campus in Kuala Lumpur and the campuses in Penang, Perak, Johor,
Pahang and Sabah.

The CIT Center is in the new Digital Center and is
used to support faculty management, student learning, teacher education and
research. The digital center’s teaching and training rooms are designed to
cater for different teaching methods, while the student-centered venue is
designed to cater to learning styles and preferences. When students truly
experience an active student life 
without neglecting their studies, they will develop important life-skills, gain
social and personal confidence and define their own personal identities. 

Student Affairs offers countless student activities and services. The first is
a combination of classes, clubs and clubs where students can choose to
participate in games and sports, cultural classes, reunification groups,
student groups, self-defense arts and community sociology courses. The courses
is designed to help students to guide students in the planning and execution of
projects and also to help students become capable citizens who are empowered to
develop their communities.

The second service is student counseling service.
Counseling can always help students understand them and their problems. These
problems can be stressful to professional issues. They also through lectures to
guide their personal and social development.

The third service is student development and
employment services. The Student Development and Employment Service (SDCS) is
part of the Student Affairs Department, a center for student personal and
career development, and a center for projects and services. Starting from the
goal of the all-round development of the people, students and students are
encouraged to develop themselves from career guidance to career guidance. As a
result, SDCS provide a service to meet the needs of existing students.

SDCS also have another student development process
which is student career development. SDCS works with the Career Guidance
Association (CGS) to develop career development seminars and lectures
throughout the semester to help students understand the needs of today’s

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