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Traffic Management in Metro Manila

In Metro Manila, traffic is one of the major problems, the capital of the philippines has been experiencing these conflicts since before because the government itself does not know how to overcome and find a solution to traffic. Many commuters and motorist suffer traffic on a daily life basis, as if it was already a common and normal thing to them. According to Rappler (2017), Metro Manila is the 3rd worst traffic in Southeast Asia and has an average of 66 minutes stuck in traffic daily. In comparison to other countries such as Bangkok, Thailand who is suffering and considered to have the worst traffic. They are suffering from 72 minutes of traffic daily. Based on this data, we can say that our country suffers less from traffic unlike Bangkok, Thailand. There is a variety of questions that sought to be answered towards the cause of traffic.

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Why do we suffer and experience the consequences of traffic in our everyday life? It is caused by of lack of infrastructures such as failures in building roads, highways and streets and lastly is the excessiveness of vehicles. When we talks about capital cities, we always thought of having great and smooth roads, but in metro manila all is different instead of having those roads that are well expanded and smooth we tend to have small and uneven roads that contributes to the cause of traffic. Another is the excessiveness of vehicles or overpopulation of cars, according to the study, Roger Highfield (2008) “When a large number of vehicles, beyond the road capacity, are successively injected into the road, the density exceeds the critical value and the free flow state becomes unstable.” These is one of the main causes of traffic in the city, an enlargement of the population of vehicles creates conflict of having insufficient capacities of roads which results to traffic problems. It’s just that when there are lots of vehicles, the city would become crowded by vehicles. One example is in EDSA, due to congestion of cars,  the place tend to become time consuming and makes a lot of trouble such as car crashes. Traffic can be disturbing, time consuming and it widely affects the health of  filipinos especially in the vicinity of the place where traffic usually occurs, the spontaneous emmission of burned fuel  of cars brings pollution to the air and humans would breathe the polluted air and it will affect the lungs and cause diseases. Furthermore, it also consumes the time for work of many working Filipinos because it lessens the time of their work that would lead to loss of productivity and income loss. According to ‘traffic costs 2.4 billion pesos daily’ due to traffic congestion that eats time that could have been used for productive pursuits and socieconomic planning.

In conclusion, we can solve and overcome the causes of traffic in Metro Manila by the following; Building of more roads, termination of old vehicles, study alternate routes, leave early, and use driving apps. Building and expanding more roads such as highways, streets, undergroundways can alleviate the conflict of traffic congestions because since it widens the road, the vehicles will have sufficient spaces when travelling. Another is termination of old vehicles/some vehicles, it is the main causes of traffic congestions in metro manila, due to overcongestion of cars it indeed needs to be implemented. Based on “Nobody in government seems to understand that our problem is that we have too many vehicles and the solution is the drastic reduction in the number of private vehicles.”. Third would be, study alternate routes. One solution could be the study of some alternative routes to be able to prevent traffic. fourth is to leave early, majority of the filipino people tend to leave their home early so that they can avoid traffic congestions, because it is believed that every morning, there are still no vehicles scattered around yet. Lastly, use driving apps like Waze to avoid traffic, driving apps are very effective and efficient when it comes to travelling because it leads you to some shortcuts to avoid traffic. With these ways we could lessen or get rid of traffic in Metro Manila

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