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Torture takes place in as many as 90% of countries across the world. Torture is illegal according to international law, however it still takes place in most countries. It is typically used to acquire information coercively. Torture can be anywhere from excruciating pain, psychological pain, or slow and painful death. Torture leaves people with various mental and psychological problems and it needs to cease. Most people believe that torture gets information out of individuals, but it is in fact unreliable and severe punishment needs established before more people die. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was a Nigerian man who attempted to bomb Northwest airline flight 253 from Amsterdam to Michigan however, the device did not ignite saving all passengers aboard. He was then convicted and transferred to a jail for terrorists called the supermax jail in Florence Colorado. A lawsuit was submitted about how he has been tortured in this penitentiary. When he would refuse to eat they would wait until he was on the verge of death and then force feed him with large amounts of food at a time causing unnecessary pain. On one occasion instead of putting the tube in his throat they poured it in his airway and into his lungs similar to drowning. They would yell, cuss, and insult his religion when he was trying to talk to God. They denied him the ability to practice his religion and disrespectfully handled his bible and tore pages from it mocking the muslim religion (Savage). The C.I.A. is responsible for many torture cases. A lawsuit was filed about two psychologists working with the C.I.A. to formulate their interrogation methods. The psychologists say the captives had been abused but they don’t believe they are accountable for it. The two psychologists received $1,800 per day and then founded a company paid around $81 million to manage the company for various years. The psychologists say that if the terrorists wouldn’t talk when they would question them then they would result to torture. The C.I.A. espoused waterboarding, forcing detainees into compact rooms, and making them endure unpleasant positions for multiple hours. The C.I.A. claims that their methods are working however, 38 prisoners were subjected to the C.I.A.’s techniques and it was made clear that they were only cruel and provided inaccurate and deceptive information. Ben Soud a Libyan imprisoned in Afghanistan was held in small boxes and, thrown into walls, and drenched with freezing water while nude and chained up. Another man was captured by the C.I.A. and was beaten, isolated for months, and they wouldn’t let him rest (Fink). Torture is cruel and inhumane. You may need information right now but, is it worth it if it will cause everlasting suffering and pain to them? It does not even give you answers it gives you unreliable information and lies. It has even been historically proven to be ineffective. It causes victims to have severe mental and psychological problems like anxiety, repeating nightmares, depression, post traumatic stress, and many others. Relationships are really hard for torture victims along with keeping up with working and doing normal daily things. They have self esteem problems and tend to isolate themselves from the rest of the world making them feel less human. They have a very difficult time trusting close friends and family, for some, ever again. Every year around 100,000 torture victims are treated and that is only the people that actually went to rehabilitation (Borloz).

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