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To conclude, the research findings show that Brexit could mean an entirely new establishment for the Sino-British relationship. Whilst writing this master’s thesis, I researched the Sino-British trade relationship thoroughly and I have come across  many imperative theories. Then again, the lot could only be doable if China supports the UK and agrees with Brexit . This is because China has the ball in their yard. In other words, A relationship with China is vital for the UK to make Brexit thrive, but for China it is not crucial. However, Research shows that they are in favour, which is beneficial.

This thesis in fact brings about that the UK has “sinophobia.” China is at the top of the list of every countries trade agreements, and the largest economy in the world.  The UK are very much in need of the “golden era” in order for Brexit to work and be advantageous and show the referendum was effective for the UK, China and the global economy.

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The economic consequences of leaving the EU will depend on what policies the UK adopts following Brexit. But it could lower trade due to reduced integration with EU countries is likely to cost the UK economy more than is gained from lower contributions to the EU budget.

Even setting aside foreign investment, migration and the dynamic consequences of reduced trade, we estimate the effects of Brexit on trade and the UK’s contribution to the EU budget would be equivalent to a fall in income of between 1.3% and 2.6% (£850 to £1,700 per household per year). And once we include the long-run effects of Brexit on productivity, the decline in income increases to between 6.3% and 9.5% (about £4,200 to £6,400 per household per year).

Nevertheless, this is and prevailing problem and the future can be altered. My findings include that if Britain strides up to a new relationship with China, one of the major trading partners in the world, future prospects cold actually be advantageous.

I have found that most criticisers are EU citizens, and although Brexit has its drawbacks it also has its rewards. As mentioned before ‘Its what he British people want, it has to work’. Brexit can in fact be surprising. If Theresa May can keep up with this and adopt the correct policies, the beauty of Brexit will be evident.


Brexit will take place in March 2019. The UK news currently shows that there are officials that are considering to write off Brexit in order to become priminister, such as Jeremy Corbin (UK labour party leader), although there are more in favour than there are against. The Brexit deal will go forward no matter what. The UK and china has accomplished very much over the years especially since the year 2000 until todays date. Most importantly they have triumphed over all their problems that they faced, and tried to keep the relationshiop alive and well. Finally, the UK and china have had officials visiting one anothers countries a numerous amount of times over the last few years. If this carries on for the year commencing 2018, 2019 should be a while new era for sino-british trade relations. 

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