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say sum up everything it has two sides: advantage and disadvantage, it depends
on us which side we decide to do, like “Social Media” if we know how to use it
in a good way, it will very useful for us, but if not it can be the beginning
of the problem that we don’t expect it would be happened before, so behalf of a
student I will use it in the positive way and raise all of the Lao people up to
proud the way of Lao, participation and conservation the things belong to us
and last forever like this speech : “One person is nothing, Two people are

            But looking at the bigger picture,
we can see that “Social Media” also has the impact for Lao society, especially
for the side of our cultural that used to be unique for the nation has
gradually disappeared by the growth, why is that so? Due to Laos is developing
country and has many relations with many countries in the world, so it’s making
culture exchange and mix together extra for the Western that plays the higher
role in Lao society. Moreover some of the population mainly for new generation
teenagers get attracted from it and use “Social Media” as the way to expand
them. Example, many centuries ago for male and female before both of them had
the ability to got a son, first they had to register marriage together
and got the permission from their parents, but presently they are different in
anyways, it just depends on them to decide not the others, so that incident is
shared to “Social Media” and beginning the reason for a group of nationalities
have followed, and it has the impact directly to the truth and appropriation
for our tradition. That’s why if we still doing like this, have less activate
on what belongs to us, one day in the future, it will “fly away like the dust
in the air”.

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currently, Lao society has used “Social Media” very widely, because since Laos
became a member of AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) everything inside the country
has been changed, has stronger economies, Investment-International Relations,
so “Social Media” it has a very
important role for Lao people to get the news, to follow and adjust
themselves to be matched with progressing of the country.

word of “Social Media” mentions to the way of communicating for each other
through plenty of applications, is the resource of detail, action that’s occurred
in the past, present or future. There’re many types of “Social Media” such as
Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, YouTube, Facebook, etc. But the most popular is
Google’s an application that’s the people around the world get interested on,
because it seems like a teacher or assistant who
always gives us advice when we have question, or the problem that we cannot
solve, it can be both of in or out of lesson, Google will always provide the
answer for us.

Everything that inhabit in this world, all of them is changed by the time
goes by, the earth is also, it has been developing day by day in many ways in
terms of technology, transportation that’s more easier, modern machines that’s
used in the factory, healing equipment of medical, and the most dominantly is
the channel for getting information that happened in the society by the ways of
magazine, newspaper, television, mobile phone and radio that’s quicker,
accurately and meet the demand of us more than in the past. That’s we call
these things are: “Social Media”.

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