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To begin, I will give you a brief definition of the social welfare system in America. A social welfare system gives assistance to families and individuals that are in need. The types and amounts of welfare vary on the country, state or region.  A few examples of a social welfare system include food stamps, healthcare or housing assistance. And that is just a few. In America we have many many different ways to help needy families and a caseworker is usually assigned to the family or individual to confirm the needs. A social welfare system that involves all of us no matter what is Social Security. The Social Security Act of 1935 was the most significant federal legislation to develop out of the Great Depression and Roosevelt’s New Deal efforts(Segal 37).  Each person is a part of social welfare at some point in their life. Unemployment insurance in a major social insurance program. Unemployment is an effective poverty prevention program, though it is temporary aid. Unemployment usually last up to 26 weeks. You get unemployment if you had just lost a job such a being laid off but if you voluntarily quit a job you are not eligible for unemployment. Workers Comp is another major social insurance program and it is also the oldest social insurance program, going back to the Progressive Era in the 1900s. You are eligible for workers comp you have any work related injuries. They provide the victims with cash, medical care and any kind of rehabilitation. Workers Comp does not cover all employees. Farm and domestic workers are not covered in most states.The social welfare system has been one of continuing change and growth. The social welfare system was created in 1935 when Franklin D. Roosevelt focused on creating jobs for all of the unemployed at that time and also came up with the idea of federal aid for poor children and dependent people. The first charity organization was established in 1877 in Buffalo, New York. Those involved with charity organizations believed that poverty was rooted in the personal character of the poor person (Segal 35).In 2010, Congress allocated almost $17 billion dollars in federal funds plus  $210 billion was allocated in state funds ($927 billion total) for means tested welfare programs in the United States, of which half was for medical care and roughly 40% for cash, food and housing assistance (Wikipedia 2018). Some current issues with the social welfare system are with public assistance. This has a lot to do with Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF). In 1996 when TANF was established it had no explicit requirement for families in need to get cash. TANF became a lot more flexible when President Bill Clinton signed a 1996 Republican-led bill overhauling the system (Brown 2016). State governments started to ask for waivers of federal regulations involving public assistance. Many features TANF including time limits and teen parent restrictions, had already implemented at the state level when the 1996 legislation was enacted (Marx 2010).Comparing social welfare systems with different countries is crazy to look at. In France it is far more than just cash assistance to poor citizens. The closest thing to TANF in France is Revenu de solidarite active (RFA). The RFA is available to people over 25 or at least 18 and single while taking care of a child. RFA does not require a person to be taking care of a child to receive assistance but if you have a child you receive a higher benefit. The United Kingdom offers a program called Income Support for people between the ages of 16 and when they can pension for credit. The person must have no income or very low income, work less than 16 hours a week and have a savings under 16,000 to receive Income Support. In Japan, there was very few people applying for social assistance but now there are over 2% applying. Many people that are applying for social assistance are older and can not work. The benefit is calculated based on the gap between minimum living costs and exciting income. It is also limited by how much family can help.

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