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“Leadership is taking people to places they’ve never been
before”, (Kane M. 2013). Under the leadership of Cook, company Apple reached to
a peak success. Timothy
Donald Cook who was born on November 1, 1960 is an American business administrative,
manufacturing engineer, and innovator. He
was made Chief Executive Officer on August 24, 2011 following Steve Jobs death
who was the founder of Apple company. According
to him, starting a carrier is about planning, intuition, collaboration, ethical
leadership and the importance of writing one’s own rules.

Source of Leadership Power

Tim Cook offers a less common but highly
effective leadership style in the modern business world. He
has shown his skills on various details to well over for Steve Job in his absence. In one of his speech he acclaimed that leadership means
“leaving things better than you found them” including employee
and goodwill relations, environmental impact and social causes.
He believed that someone must take risk as knowing the result will not be
favorable, but without taking risk there is no chance of benefit. Tim Cook is
known as a chief who will assure the suggestions and speech of the team with
whom he works. As a leader, he has the guts to admit when he is wrong and
avoiding the mistakes of the past.


Control Mechanisms

Tim Cook was
hired because Steve Jobs wanted someone who knew how to build high time
factories and supply chains. Due to his appropriation background, he had
control over this line of business. According to a recent news Cook has 17
direct reports which is extensive number. Tim cook has set up the policies and
strategies in a proper control to see company growing. He
believes that we need to own and control the primary technologies behind the
products we make. 
He closed factories and warehouses around the world and alternatively established
relationships with contract manufacturers concluding in profits. This theory of
cook made his company expanded all over the world and has earned huge profits.



Team Development

Being CEO of
one of the largest company in the world require major team development skills. Cook
appears to have adopted some of the fabulous businessperson existing practices
and developed adversely combine leadership chant. He makes sure to be gentle
and not allowing himself to become isolated. Always maintained his team members
to focus on do what they do and do it well. He wants his team to be clear and
be as ingenious with supply responsibility as they are with the products.
That’s a high bar he always sets for his team members.


Decision Making and Planning Techniques

Tim cook was
focused on developing relations with the employees and to bring out new
products and towards the business international connections with others. He
paid importance on a good collaborating environment in the company. He appoints
duties to all the managerial members and take suggestions from them and it
shows good outcomes in decision making. The planning approach of Tim cook
helped the company to increase its goodwill. Tim cook has its own ways of managing
business. The role of employees also plays an imperative role in decision
making. This company organize to launch new products within a short span of
time as to impress their existing customers and to attract more customers.


Motivational Techniques

One of the top
business leaders in the world needs to be a high motivator for his employees. But
in recent implication Cook has been declared to be a delightful attitude to
which there have been many debates. He is a pure business gentleman and wants everyone
on the forward as they have a very little product classification but wants
their area to be on the uppermost of the companies. He provides motivational expression
which affect them employees to be courageous enough to tackle every situation
in best way and advise them to accommodate in a new extreme environment as it’s
the only key to success. As expression on gratefulness. Cook sent out a note to
its employees recognizing them for their efforts and achievements and declare an
extended gratefulness holiday.


Communication Style

        Tim cook style of communication was
quite different from other leaders. He directly interacts with his employees
and could achieve organizational goals. He always wanted to see its company
growth and it was only possible with cooperation and coordination with
employees. He presented the company statements in an easy way so that workers
can easily understand them. Moreover, his motivational approaches resulted in a
better way as employees started to feel as they are a part of company and their
skill and work is being valued. The setup of company structure is different as
Tim cook believed in organized structure and employees can freely communicate
with their superiors along with-it directions were given to them.


Strategic Decision Making

Cook is mainly
stated as alluring and attentive by company workers. Still, his period has been pointed by a main attention on existing
products and forward of business as well as subordinate’s relationships. As
rather than to follow old style policies, he has played imperative role in
valuing existing employees by considering them suggestion on new decisions. He
believed in new creations and with his great decisions he managed to maintain a
proper management and designs.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Cook is a very
culturally active human and has led many CSR programs. He does many charities
around the world which help in the betterment of the society. He has made major
investments in renewable energy. As per numbers 100% of Apple operations in the
US and 87% of global operations are powered by renewable energy. Many education
and development events are being provided free of cost by 18 factories and above
the 280,000 workers attain many courses in 2016. He started Clean Water Program
in 2013 and in 2015, to increase the adequacy of the water usage. There are
many more projects initiated under Cook and are advantageous providing a clean










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