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Time management means how you manage your time efficiently and effectively. After, coming to Canada I learned the real value of time management. For instance, having to manage a job, home, and school require proper time management skills. When I was in India I managed my time only for my study and outdoor activities. In India, I used to get up around 7 a.m. After, freshen up and taking a bath I go to college.After attending the college, I straight away go to the gym. After that, I go to my tuition classes. Thereafter, coming home, I took dinner prepared by my mother. After that, I take my dog to walk before going to sleep. After, arriving in Canada I found many obstacles in my daily schedule, like scheduling for my assignment, attending my school, job and look after my home activities.To schedule, everything first thing I got a planner from the student union and also set up time events on my mobile.Also, I bought a calendar in order to circle and put up important dates marked. This helped me to plan and set up my activities. According to my schedule now I daily wake up around 7 a.m. for this my alarm clock help me after waking up I get freshened up and around 8 a.m. I prepare my meal. After, taking my breakfast I go and check my school and job schedule. If, I have school on that that I first prioritize my school then after that I prefer to go to my job. After, attending my school if, I got the assignment I, first of all, put the due date of the assignment in my planner and also I circle on my calendar. After, finishing the assignment I prefer to go to my job. Coming back home I prepare my meal and after that, I review my schedule as this helps me better planning and organizing of my time schedule. When I started to manage my time it took me days to understand it but now as time goes on it got easy for me to put all my schedule on one table. Still, somewhat now I lack in time management skills but I will try to give my best shot so that I can manage my time.

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