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Throughout both challenges and thrilling experiences, my admiration and recognition for my mother, Saida Belkentaoui, have constantly grown, as her enduring and dedicated character continues to impact me incredibly. To begin, a “role model” is a personage you appreciate greatly that has both transformed your perspective and constantly acts as an approving and inspiring example. My role model, Saida Belkentaoui, is a passionate and persevering woman who was born in Casablanca, Morocco in 1972 and whose marking experiences have affected her in diverse ways. My mother was raised in a thoroughly balanced environment and her grandparent’s love and protection were able to compensate for the absence of her parents, as living in a stable setting positively impacted my mother’s personality. Additionally, sharing an inseparable relationship with neighborhood friends like Bouchra and Naila has marked my mother’s life with support, kindness, and generosity. However, the individual that impacted and shaped my mother the most was her grandmother, Fatima Outgammi, a woman with a strong character and courageous personality who has raised 11 children with endurance and an inextinguishable inner fire. Furthermore, the advice my mother carried throughout her personal and professional life was the one provided by her father, Hassan Belkentaoui, who advised her once that “life is a long and difficult path during which one must rely on himself first before relying on others.” Moreover, a difficulty that has forever changed my mother’s lifestyle would be her constant challenge to manage and maintain a demanding responsibility as the Financial Director of the Brewery of Morocco and her duties an understanding mother. Likewise, working with a majority of males have pushed my mother to work constantly in order to earn her place and impose her ideas. Thus, my mother’s diverse experiences with specific people have impacted her greatly and shaped her to be a patient and hardworking woman. Interviewing my mother, Saida Belkentaoui, about her specific experiences and goals has enabled me to comprehend my idol from a different view, as I have discovered her challenges as both a mother and a hard-working woman. Previously, I had always known my mother from a mother-daughter perspective, but during this interview, I could understand my mother’s origins, different connections, and personal experiences. Selecting my mother as my admiration and aspiration demonstrated to be an easy decision, as she is an enduring, intellectual, and dedicated individual who has always provided me with concern and valuable advice. I strongly admire that despite living in a financially average Moroccan household, my mother’s focus on her studies and career helped her during her family’s restrictions as she developed opportunities for herself. Throughout the interview, the keywords and concepts that stood out in my mother’s responses mainly focused on dedication, generosity, tolerance, friendship, hard-work, and the significance of family. On one side, friendship and generosity were part of my mother’s childhood experiences, as I learned about the inseparable connections she had with neighborhood friends like Bouchra and Naila. Additionally, dedication and tolerance played significant roles in my mother’s career as the Financial Director of the Brewery of Morocco.Finally, the last element that I understood fully through the interview would be my mother’s divorce with my father, Mansour Kafil, as I learned the significant support and presence my grandmother, Aicha Outgammi, presented to my mother. 

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