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Throughout history women have been viewed as second-class citizens. Men perceived women as incapable of producing anything of worth, resulting in many writers works, never being published. Oppressed by society and fear of being branded, female writers like Mary Leapor never lived to see their works published. This misogynistic way of thinking extended into the 18th century art world as well. Julia Margaret Cameron a now celebrated artist, was critiqued for her individualized style as well as her feminist ideals. Today women are still being treated as if they are incompetent. To pay tribute to these minority voices in history our class should, study the female writer Mary Leapor, because she offers the point of view of a working-class woman, as well as, discusses ideas of astronomy related to the qualities of women.Mary Leapor was the daughter of a small town gardener, she wrote whenever she could, even when working as a cook-maid. Leapor’s working class status was reflected in her poetry. Unlike most women in poverty, Mary did not value an education. This is represented in the poem “An Epistle to a lady”. Leapor writes ” But tho these Eyes the learned Page explore/ .. I find no Comfort from their Systems flow/ But I am dejected more as more I know”. (11-14) This suggests that Leapors education had done nothing to change the preconceptions of women, and has actually in made her more aware of them. In the text “An Essay on Women” Leapor identifies a woman’s unhappiness for being regarded as a second-class citizen. However as a member of the working class, Mary Leapor sympathizes for those close to her saying  ” Then let her quit extravagance and play/ … To feat with Cordia in a filthy sty/ on stewed potatoes or on mouldy pie.” (41-44) Mary Leapor implies that women without money are worse off, because they cannot pursue a trivial career. Instead they’re forced to face the stigmas men have placed on them. This point of view form a lower class citizen would be new to our curriculum. The intended audience for most of the poems written during this time are educated upper class. This shows what normal life is like, and how people who apart of the working class feel about social issues.Not only does Mary Leapor’s writing offer a different social class perspective, it also compares a woman’s body to a new abstract way of thinking. In the poem “An Epistle to a Lady” Leapor Is describe what an ideal women would be like through contrasting methods. She uses herself, names only be her alias, Mira. Leapor says” For Tycho and Copernicus agree/No golden Planet bent its Rays on me” (3-4).  Leapor takes this scientific idea of astronomy and applies in a worldly fashion to which she believes that she is not the ideal women. The qualities she is describing in a women, may not be of her own image of a perfect women, but that of society’s. In order to make room in our curriculum for Mary Leapor’s writing, a text that could be eliminated is William Congreve’s “The Way of the World”. The satirization of many wealthy class citizens have been reflected through most of the works included  in the 18th century curriculum. To discover what the world was like through the eyes of a normal person, is refreshing. This text by Leapor is more relatable, unlike that of Congreave. There isn’t much to take away from his story, whereas Mary Leapor is clearly identifying, and trying to change the attitude men have towards women.

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