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Though the tribe and the white man’s religions worship different gods, they do have their similarities. The Ibo believe in multiple gods and chi, and the white men follow christianity. However, there are a few alike factors between the two. The people in Umuofia believe in superstitions. They believe in magic and medicine men. They also believe in oracles and priestesses. The Christians don’t believe in such things. The Ibo people also believe in chi. A chi is a personal god to the Ibo people, and they often use the proverb that when a man says yes, his chi also says yes. Everyone has a shrine for their personal god and other gods. With christianity there is only one god which everyone worships, they don’t have personal gods.When it comes to problems in Umuofia, they often consult the oracle. Ikemefuna’s fate was decided by the Oracle of the Hills and Caves. The oracle said he must be killed. Killing is strictly against the christian’s views.Fear also plays a big part in the religion of Umuofia. The egwugwu are feared by many and women run away whenever they see one. One egwugwu seems to represent death and is greatly feared. The egwugwu terrify everyone so much that they have respect. The white men speak of a caring and loving god, which seems the complete opposite of the egwugwu. The people of Umuofia will do anything to appease their gods. They believe that when someone does something bad in the village, it will reflect badly on everyone else. That’s why when Okonkwo accidentally kills the boy he is banished for seven years. Then a group of men come and destroy Okonkwo’s houses, barns, and killed his animals to make sure the gods were appeased and wouldn’t bring bad things for everyone else. The Ibo people’s supreme god is Chukwu, and they believe he created the world. Even though it’s not the same god, the christians have one supreme god who created the universe as well. In a way, both gods are similar. When things go bad, the Ibo people say to let the gods handle it. They know their gods are capable of vengeance and they don’t want to get in the middle of it. Christians also let God handle the problems in their lives because they know he will take care of things. Both religions seem to have a hierarchy. Christianity has God, the queen, the district commissioner, Mr. Brown, Reverend Smith, the Pope, cardinals, and archbishops.  The Ibo people have Chukwu, his servants, and other gods. The people of Umuofia give thanks and pray to their gods and ancestors at their shrines. Christians also pray to their god. Both religions pray for redemption and for better outcomes in life. The Ibo have wooden figurines that are their symbolic figures. The christians also have a symbolic figure, which is the cross. Kola nuts and palm wine are used almost like communion for the Ibo people. It’s used for religious festivities and giving thanks to their gods. The christians have communion but use bread and wine. Even though the Ibo and Christian religions worship completely different gods, they are quite similar. They have very different beliefs and different ways of worshipping. Both, however, pray and put trust in their gods.

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