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This essay seeks to discuss the
structure of international system the impact it has on the development of
societies, also questioning whether it is inherently unfair, thus promoting
under-development. I will be mainly focusing on the traditional theory of
Structuralism as well as the critical paradigm or Marxism. Both of these
ideologies view the structure of the world from the perspective of the oppressed
classes, poor and developing countries. According to them, the current economic
system is fundamentally unjust. The structure which structuralism focuses on is
the global capitalist system, which arguably shapes society’s economic,
political, and social institutions, leading to inequalities of social classes
and countries of the world. Due to this, structuralists view capitalism
critically. Firstly, this essay will examine structuralism alongside Marxism in
more detail. Subsequently, I will analyse the reasoning of inequalities between
states, using the dependency theory, and further consider the rationale for injustices
within states, and how this may perhaps link to further under-development. Lastly,
the conclusions will be drawn.

Structuralism as a
theory was most eminent during the 1970’s when the world economy endured
recession. It is an approach that emphasizes the predicament of the poor, the
marginalized and those who are oppressed and taken advantage of (Steans et al.,
2013). Structuralists perceive the order of the world as a system, owned and
controlled by capitalists; constructed of social, economical and political
relations. The theory concentrates itself in questioning whether the world-system
is structured to promote, and maintain inequality between different states.
Unlike realists, structuralists don’t see the state as of a sovereign power,
representing a nation. Instead, they see the state acting for the dominant
classes; protecting the already powerful, the private owners of the means of
production and undermining the lower classes, those with no power of their own. 

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