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This essay will determine the urban transport issues in Yangon and demonstrate how important it is to have a well-developed plan for public transportation. City of Yangon formerly known as Rangoon has been experiencing many incidents due to not having good public transportation. Yangon is Myanmar’s largest city with a population of 5 between 6 million. In 2005 government decided to move the capital to Nay Pyi Taw. The government left Yangon behind to started building Nay Pyi Taw city; since then Yangon city was starting to fall apart. There are many developments need to be done in Yangon as it is becoming one of the most tourist visited country in  South East Asia. It is politically important that economic opportunity improves throughout Myanmar, including its rural areas and smaller cities. A mobility crisis has arisen in Yangon and transport system in Yangon is getting very poor as many accidents been causing each day which has caused many people wounded and lost lives. Urban transport situation has become a serious concern socially, politically and environmentally. The city has become stuck in a congestion incentive spiral that ultimately stems from a governance crisis: the historic absence of metropolitan-scale governance institutions with the authority and capacity to deliver integrated transport solutions for the city. Since 2011 many people use the buses and it is running as a competitive cartel, with a restricted number of private bus owners competing for passengers on similar routes. This system incentivized overcrowding, reckless driving, and underinvestment in bus fleet maintenance in the quest for profits. All of this contributed to congestion and a miserable experience for passengers. The roadway network system in Yangon is reasonably getting worst with terrible traffic congestion. The level of traffic growth rate became significantly high in Yangon now. It is poorly prepared to cope with the pressures of growth because it has only starting to re-develop. There are many opportunities for Yangon to follow transport development like neighbor countries. 

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