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This man is a strong fighter with strong words. His childhood was rough, and he had many struggles too. His struggles were anything from illness to finances, but his life was full. He grew up to be a very successful man, and over time, he aged. Now he has had his final hours. Patrick Henry was most known as a young American Revolution orator, but did many other jobs.  An orator is a person that speaks in public about their successes, or about how to achieve something.Patrick Henry was born on May 29, 1736.  He was born in Hanover County, Virginia.  He was the second oldest out of nine children.  He helped by working in the family store at the age of 15.  He also worked as a tobacco farmer for a few years, but that was not successful.  He did many other odd jobs through the years, one of which was a tavern manager while studying law.  He married a woman by the name of Sarah Shelton in 1754.  He and Sarah had six children together.As an adult, Patrick Henry is most known for being a lawyer, patriot, and orator.   He was an influential leader that told so-called “good advice”. ( Patrick Henry was a patriot in many ways before and during the American Revolution. In his 20’s was when Patrick Henry became a lawyer.  This was advice given to him by his dad. As he got older, he became better at speaking against people, and standing up for his beliefs. In the case “Parson’s Cause”, Henry “spoke out against the minister, when the case went to a jury to decide damages.  Pointing out the greed and royal interference in colonial matters associated with this legal decision, he managed to convince the jury to grant the lowest possible award — one farthing, or one penny.” (  Patrick Henry also won an election which elected him to the House of Burgesses. He then was a voice against the Stamp Act.  After this was when Henry made an even bigger name for himself. Once he became a public speaker, he delivered a very famous speech.  The “Give me liberty or give me death!” speech.  He is most well-known for this speech.Patrick Henry lost his first wife in 1775 from mental illness, and remarried Dorothea Dandridge in 1777.  He had 11 more children with her making a total of 17 children in his life.  He quit working as a public servant and went back to being a lawyer in his later years.  He wanted to spend time with his second wife and kids.  “Henry spent his last years at his estate, called “Red Hill, ” in Charlotte County, Virginia.” (  He was begged to run for office and won, but died before he could serve on the Virginia legislature.  Henry died of stomach cancer, but died rich. He did have a long road to Heaven in this generation. He lived a long and full life. He died at the age of 63. We all think he is a success alongside many people. He passed away on June,6,1799, and was known for many successes. Now that you know about this man, Patrick Henry, you know that he had a very full life.  He had a good childhood, a successful middle life as a young man, and most of all, the last final moments of his life were successful too.  He achieved many things over many years.

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