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             There had been some expressed concern and
discomfort within the whole of the Performance Management System, this can be
the lack inadequate training.  For
effective training to be adequate it is imperative to have some solid personal
skills and assertiveness.  If those line
managers in ABC Plc don’t have the right personal skills they will be unable to
even process the Performance Management System and be able to pass on to the
employees.    (Lipman, 2012)            Importance
of a managerial training is evident in Euro Disney, even before the park was
opened they had already recruited and trained thousand of staff permanently and
temporary employees.  They were required
to undertake extensive training to prepare them for Disney’s highest standards
of customer service, and to understand how the operational routines of health and
safety (N.Slack., 2017).With regular training for
managers, improvements and confidence overall progress of standard training
liberation of managers in ABC Plc lacking and traits will be distinguished, and
employees will be happier and be more productive.  Managers must take responsibility for line
managers and be recognised for extra training through all employees.  If this is the case then managers will need
training for them to be competent within their managerial role, for them to be
able to commit training to other employees (Armstrong, 2006).As training is the
responsibility of the HR department they need to establish what training is
needed and the gaps there are amongst the line managers, in which case monthly
agendas and even workshops to help give them extra knowledge and expertise that
can be delivered to various departments. 
If ABC Plc instrument each department to embrace changes and hold a
monthly workshop on a set date this would keep all staff up-to-date, and this
would keep them committed and proficient of their supervisory role within the
company (Torrington, 2008).  Additional training on request by staff,
should be introduced if they are concerned or may wish to improve their skills,
by directly communicating through there line-managers.  With successful training of staff this will
satisfy ABC Plc, requirements and make planning easier.Human Resource Managers have a
function of responsibility for all of the HR regulations with todays fast
pacing and self-motivated cooperating environments, integration for
up-to-dating technological tools are the most effective ways to endurance.  With HR transformation of digital it is not
as complicated as it used to, data collecting for business operations,
employees also customers, analytics process to utilise data and use to
generate, common source of information, can help make reports and more time to
analyse and facilitating marketing, finance and product policies (Pankhurst, 2017). HR department should be working together with
the management for them to develop an employee-benefit plan, a training
activity which can focus on improvements of individuals skills.  As well for the leading manager to accentuating
communications, empathy, that will have better team work with a more
progressive relation with employees that they manage.  To have three-monthly reviews carried out by
ABC line-managers ensuring that all planning have been adhered for the
continuous improvements of the organisations. 
Introduction of an annual line-management bonus for those who present an
accurate review administration, and who have supported the employees to achieve
their personal achievements and aims.Unfairness can lead to resentment
with a reward scheme which was described by Duncan Brown, by implementing a
quite clear reward strategy and development
initiatives can be planned.  By having
goals defined and linked into business aims, calculated pay and rewards agendas
which can be tailored to the organisations and staff needs, to be supported by
the Human Resources processes and put into place will be essential (Brown, 2014).  Needs of the employees in ABC have been
ignored along with the HR team, employees felt that the performance-related pay
was not used correctly and felt that the grade limits unfair (Kathryn M.
Bartol, 2002).  J. Stacy Adams recognised that employee’s perception of fairness of their work
outcomes was the focus of Equity Theory motivation was influenced by the
assessment of one’s personal outcome-input with the outcome-input of additional
employee’s or a group of people (Lauby, 2005).   The impartial treatment is deficit from the
ABC Plc employees, even though that payments are related to their performance,
with at least about 5% limitation of staff acceptable within each of the pay
grades.  Will lead to an unsatisfactory
and frustrated and demotivation as rules of pay are unclear, those staff that
would be entitled to grade A wouldn’t fall into the 5%, and feel exploited for
there outstanding performance feeling ensnared in the lower grade irrespective
of their accomplishments.   ABC
reward scheme was to small for staff to be motivated, as money has a low
limited capacity for motivating staff, although it does have the ability to
demotivate if rewards are not satisfactory with employees by the amount they
have received or how it is decided.                   Herzberg best known for the motivation-hygiene
theory certain factors within workplace of ABC are job satisfaction while the
other factors can cause dissatisfaction, he believed by motivating with fewer
resources and incentives.  According to Herzberg: “Controversy to those
dissatisfiers (company policy and administrative
practices, supervision, interpersonal relationships, working conditions, and
salary) contribute very little to job satisfaction”.  (Herzberg, 1964). 

Money motivation is not always essential issue
other than its function of exchange value and the significant difference is
just a psychological sign to the employee as a pay level, certain individuals
appreciate money for alternative reasons, and there can be natural tension amongst
the extrinsic and intrinsic motives towards financial rewards can actually depress
or could “crowd out” intrinsic goals, like gratification, curiosity, learning and
particular challenges. (Chamorro-Premuzic, 2013)

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