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There were many groups that played a huge part in the american revolution. There were multiple groups that were against the british that grew to very large scales. The sons and daughters of liberty were one of those groups that grew quite large. The sons of liberty started with only nine members, these were called the loyal nine, but by the end  of the revolution had grown into the thousands and sparked the growth of the daughters of liberty. Two of the loyal nine were distillers,  these two were Thomas Chase and John Avery Jr. A more widely known member was Benjamin Edes who painted the Boston Gazette. The cousin of john adams was also a member of the sons of liberty. There were over 500 officially signed into the sons of liberty, but many more committed to doing the same things maybe not knowing or just not wanting to be held accountable.  The original sons of liberty were just local hard working men. They were well known by their community, which most likely help the growth of the sons of liberty. The biggest thing that the sons of liberty has done is the boston tea party. The tea party was an act of protest against the Britishes´ tax on tea and other widely used goods. The sons of liberty vowed to never use british good or services,  Much like the daughters of liberty. The boston tea party had occured on december 16th in 1773, close to two hundred and forty five years ago.  During to boston tea party the sons of liberty had dressed as indians to disguise them self fore if they had gotten caught they would face a horrible punishment. It was also to show they they identified as americans not as british subjects, they knew it would obvious they were not indiansThe daughters of liberty had many of the same ideals as the sons of liberty but there was a lack of women’s rights so they could not do everything the sons did. The biggest thing the daughters did was signed a contract saying they would not use anything taxed by the British. Since they wouldn’t use British good they had to make their own. They made a thing called liberty tea made out of mint and raspberry leaves. They would also have weaving bees, where they would make as much fabric for clothes and raise money to get things needed to live without paying for items taxed by the British. One woman raised over 1,000 dollars for the daughters of liberty. Another famous member was only nine. When she was given a cup of British tea she poured it out of the window. In many cases the husband would go off to fight against the British so the wife would be left to care for the farm or business. The woman were devoted to growing the daughters of liberty and they vowed to not use British goods so the husbands would come back to be in a great amount of debt. There were multiple people in the sons of liberty the had greatly attributed to their success. John Adams was a great author in some scenes. He was good at persuading people, but would never make a good journalist. John Adams failed in every field of work he tried at, but he was good at politics. Another big person in the sons of liberty was Benedict arnold, he is mainly known for being a traitor. He started as a loyal son of liberty fighting the british, this is what gave him his taste for politics. Arnold began to lose faith in the american revolution and switched to the loyalist side. John hancock is widely known for his bold signature on the declaration of independence, thought he made many other contributions to the sons of liberty. He also was disgusted by violence leading to him giving many speeches against the british policy but not to fight them but come to an agreement. Patrick Henry is best known for his quote “give me liberty or give me death.”  he also founded and was senator of virginia.  He also was one of the main voices that persuaded virginia to form a military.

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