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There is so much noise in the world now. Everyone is in the race to be heard. It may be film, cinema, TV shows, news, advertisement etc. Each one of these shouts very loud in this noisy world to be heard. When we are in a noisy place like the restaurant, for example, we focus on the person who is taking the order rather the people talking loud. Our mind mechanism works like this. But at some time we are not in focus on the important thing that really matters us. We lose our focus from the important things and instead focus on film, cinema, TV shows, news, advertisements etc. and we feel frustrated, overwhelmed, anxiety because we did not focus on important and we miss our goal, fail to execute the plan and we do not succeed in our mission.                Here are some tips that will help you to think clearly and be more focused on important      Train your mind to be focusedAlthough your attention will not focus on the important piece of information where it should be focused on. But still, we can train our mind to do it. This is the first step where we can start to focus on the important, think clearly and leaving out the rest unimportant.Set a time for a day to read and listen something important related to your goal and plan instead watching TV or videos on the internet.2. Expand your circle of awareness and don’t see the world just a singular perspective”We see the world, not as it is, but as we are??or, as we are conditioned to see it.”-          Stephen R. CoveyThe world bombards us with their own way of thinking. And each one is different from another. This all makes sense differently in us. Step out from this circle where you have programmed to see the world through personal judgment and biased.Expand your circle of awareness by tuning yourself and see the world differently without singular judgment and emotional attachment. And feel free and focus on what really matters you and don’t give a f*ck on these things.    Write your thoughts to declutter your mind.Now, you take care of the outside noise, but there is a noise inside you. What about that? Simple solution – Write it. There is the noise of thoughts in your mind, a constant conversation and argument are going on and on and on in your mind. There is clutter, the mess in your mind.Organize your thought, declutter your mind, clear it by simply writing it down. You may not be a professional writer. You should not, just take a note, write a journal, personal diary, make an online note, write it on your mobile device or on your PC. Anywhere. But write it down. Declutter, clear your mind.Free the space in your mind to think clearly and make a wise decision and live healthy, calm and harmonious life.                   4. Get enough sleep            A sleep of 6 to 8 hours is a must. When we do not get enough sleep, our brain feels exhausted. Adequate sleep benefits you not only relaxed mind and think clearly but also it will help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and healthy weight. You will feel stress-free and energetic, your mind will perform properly and you can think very clearly.

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