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There has been a heated debate ever since the invention of these two economic systems: capitalism and Communism. The basic premises of capitalism is that individuals in a society can control their own money, land, and what they can buy with that money. The basic premise of Communism is that your do not own your own money, land, and you don’t get a choice of what to buy and all of that is controlled by the state government.Though no economic system is perfect I believe that Capitalism is superior to Communism because it grants more freedom, South Korea is better off than North Korea, and it is very flexible and works for the largest majority.  Freedom is one of the most important parts of an economic system. Having the ability to purchase whatever you want with the money you worked for, doing the job you applied for, with the credentials that were better than others because you worked harder than them. If you work hard in a capitalistic society you will have a better life. In a Communist society you will have little to no choice when it come to work. In the Soviet Union your occupation was chosen at birth you could not change it to suit your strengths you had to move your strengths around your assigned occupation even if someone else would suit that occupation better. Being able to choose your occupation around your strengths and what you want to do will increase efficiency and quality of products.  WIPIf you want some concrete evidence of why Capitalism is better than Communism look at one of the best real life examples: North Korea and South Korea. They are physically right next to each other, were one country once, shared the same culture. The only difference is when they were split by the Soviet Union invading them and the United States backing the south side of Korea while the USSR converted the north of Korea to communist. So, one country split in half one half Communist and the other half Capitalist. South Korea has objectively become a superior country to North Korea. South Korea’s GDP is as of 2011 1.554 trillion US dollars while North Korea sits at a mere 40 billion US dollars. I can’t even make that many comparisons because North Korea shuts themselves out from the world  WIPCapitalism is very flexible which allows it to fit many different type of peoples lives. If a group of people do not want to work for whatever reason they don’t get money which means they will struggle with life but, it was their choice to suffer. Under Communism if a group of people decide not to work it damages the whole country not just some company. The country knows this and has put punishments on someone who decides not to work. The consequence comes from the state not from the WIPIn conclusion Capitalism is superior to Communism because it offers more freedom and more flexibility for a larger group of people. Korea is the ultimate example with few outliers to show which of the economic systems works best for humanity. The biggest flaw in Communism comes down to the flaws in humans. It does not take into account human error. If humans were like machines and had no opinions or emotions and only had to be fixed every now and then Communism would work very well. The reason why Capitalism thrives while Communism crumbles is because Capitalism takes into account human error and opinion. When people are not happy they will not work at the highest efficiency, while if you give them everything they want they won’t want to work. You must find moderation, Capitalism grants people the choice to improve themselves which allows the hard working to thrive while the lazy and unproductive to not affect the society as much as Communism. That is why I believe Capitalism is superior to Communism.

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