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There is few dependency resolving algorithm for resolving the dependency. The existing source deployment tools are not having the dependency check feature except batchdeployment tool (tool explained above). The following dependency algorithms are created for the unique requirement.  The following algorithms are used different purposes. But they are finding and resolving dependencies.  All algorithms are taking different time to detect and resolve the dependency. The batchdeployment tool has the inbuilt functionality to find the dependency of application’s source. The batchdeployment tool’s dependency procedure is having the minimum number of recursive functions. But all other dependency procedures have many recursive functions to find the dependency of application’s source code. The dependency detection procedure is compared with NSP, RetireJS, OSSIndex, Hakiri and Synk procedures. The Node Security Project (NSP) is using the Node.js procedure to detect dependency. But NSP is the lightweight procedure. The NSP could use for the simple application. The NSP is having security monitoring, detection, alerting and remediation. RetireJS is an open-source, JavaScript-specific dependency checker. The project is mostly focused on simple to use. RetireJS contains multiple components, and also a command-line scanner and plugins for Grunt, Chrome, Firefox, ZAP, and Burp. RetireJS made a site-checking service available to JS developers who want to find out.   OSSIndex has dependency information from NPM, Maven Central Repository, Bower, Chocolatey, and MSI. OSSIndex is also supporting JavaScript, .NET/C#, and Java ecosystems. Hakiri is a tool.  It is offering dependency checking Ruby and Rail-based projects. It provides a free plan for public open-source projects and paid plan for the private project.  Synk is a commercial service, and it focuses on JavaScript npm dependencies. It gives for detecting known dependencies in JavaScript projects. It helps the user to fix the issues using guided upgrades and open-source patches.

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