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There are many mammals in North Carolina that are endangered. Animals becoming endangered is becoming a worldwide problem. This problem continues to grow. While many mammals are endangered all over the globe there are a few that are indigenous to North Carolina. Many of these mammals, people don’t realize that they are becoming endangered. If a species is endangered it is at risk to become extinct. There are many endangered species, some are closer to extinction than others. Many animals around the world are extremely close to extinction. A few of these mammals are the Carolina Northern flying squirrel, rey bat, indiana bat, the red wolf, and west indian manatee. These mammals are just a few who are endangered in North Carolina.  These animals are endangered because they are over hunted and get caught in traps. The Carolina Northern flying squirrel, for example, is threatened more by human activity than natural causes. Humans clear out forests for civilization and this leads to the squirrels to not have homes. We have also introduced foreign species to the mountains where the squirrels leading to a competition amongst resources. Another mammal that we influence the population of is the red wolf. The red wolf population was so endangered in the late 1900’s that they had to capture as many red wolves as possible so that they could mate them. There are many ways that affecting these mammal populations could come back on us. The lack of these mammal populations could cause numerous problems for us, the lack of bats could lead to an increase in insects. An increase in insects leads to the spread of disease. The decrease in population of manatees could cause the algae production to increase, this could lead to increase in bacteria and it could cause fish to die, when fish die we lose many of our food sources so the human population could then start to decrease at a significant rate. There are many thing that the average person could do to help, starting with just daily activities. Reversing a environmental problem takes quite a lot of work. Getting all the way down to the smallest detail is crucial. You always have to be sure that a species is never overpopulated or underpopulated. This is very hard to keep track of so, mammal populations are an estimate. There are many laws put into place to protect the animals of North Carolina. Some laws require you to tag the animals you hunt and others make it illegal to hunt certain animals. These laws are important to make sure the trophic levels are balanced. The overpopulation of one species could cause the extinction of another. This leads to competition for resources. Another thing used to help endangered animals was the creation of the endangered species act of 1973. The Endangered Species Act of 1973 goes to protect the threatened and endangered species. Under the ESA there are about 2300 species to be protected. Only about 675 of those species are foreign to the United States. To get endangered species populations back up we need to start mating the endangered species and get them to reproduce. Endangered species is a growing problem in North Carolina. Decreasing populations in squirrels, manatees, bats and whales can really affect the human population. Education is the key. Being aware of the endangered species and how to help is very important. Being able to identify an endangered species is also very important because it will help you to be able to stick to the law. While some species are protected it is crucial to keep the species balanced so that there is little competition for resources. If competition becomes a problem it could lead to a mass extinction. A mass extinction is when multiple species become extinct at once. The past mass extinction almost wiped out life on Earth. If mammal endangerment becomes a serious problem the human race would decrease drastically. We wouldn’t have time to adapt. We need to help as much as we can to keep the animals alive.In conclusion, there are many endangered species around the world. Approximately 20 species are endangered in North Carolina. There are many things that could affect the human population when the animals die off such as, increase in disease, overpopulation of a certain species, and increased competition for resources. We can help in many ways. We can donate money to charity groups used to help the endangered animals, we can encourage others the follow the laws and become educated on the endangered species, we can cut back on pollution land and air and more. It is important that we realize that this ia a major problem not just a ‘problem’ animals are dying but they are important, without them the human population would be extinct and we would be back where we were billion years ago.

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